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Three Point Program

Rational Exchange has a three step program for Capitalizing an ethical organization. An Exchange is a small group of people who come together to assist each other create a more ethical community.

  • Determine who is ethical in your Social Network. 

  • Decide the source of greatest risk and what resources are available to counter that risk.

  • Pool skills and personal resources relavant to the needs of the project paying for contributions made with rollars.

Risk is always associated with a threat to assets. Threats are always associated with a loss of assets.  A loss of assets is always the result of possession being shared between two disconnected networks. Creating an Exchange is to bring assets under a common jurisdiction or shared network. This eliminates risk.

Threats to assets always takes the form of a debt. A debt is the amount of the claim on an asset made by an external network. Debt quantifies the amount or asset value that is claimed by and may be transferred to some other party. Risk means there is a threat of loss of ownership. To eliminate risk ultimately we need to negate debt which is only possible when we merge competing claims into one network. 

If you own a car with an attached liability a threat exists that if payments are not made the car will be seized by the lein holder. But even if no debt exists on the vehicle but the car is not being used the value it represents accrues to others. The seller has the money you paid for it, others benefit because one less car is on the road eventually the value is lost to you transferred to others by you doing nothing. An Exchange is a way to amalgamate and merge competing claims so they become business assets or assets that create value for the owner and the community.

If an Exchange does not exist in your community it is easy to start one. Exchanges lower costs because they eliminate risk.

How to create a business making Pet Food.

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