12 Points that Show Christianity is True DVDs by Dr. Norman Geisler. Over 13 hours of presentations!
1) Truth About Reality is Knowable

Skeptics are not skeptical about sceptism

2) The Opposite of True is False

all view cannot be true when beliefs or statements contradict.

Works needed, not needed are opposites, God exists does not exist are opposite

all opposite ideas cannot both be true.

3) It is True that a Theistic God Exists

there is a moral law. no moral law

2nd Law of thermodynamics says earth had a beginning. entropy increases.

Cannot rate people if no moral law

Must look at peoples reactions when some harm done. They assume there is a moral absolute.

Mus know the best to know the worst and relative worse.


4) If God exists then Miracle are Possible

12 Points


5) Miracle Confirms a Message from God
6) The New Testament is Historically Reliable
7) The New Testament says Jesus Claimed to be God
8) Jesus’ Claim to be God was Miraculously Confirmed
9) Jesus is God

10) Whatever Jesus Teaches is True
11) Jesus Taught that the Bible is the Word of God
12) It is True that the Bible is the Word of God