Ethics Of Salvation

k A person saving the life of another commits the highest possible good, the person saved morally ought never to try and repay the debt directly because this nullifies the heros sacrifice. Those saved by God or by a human hero have only one response, total gratitude and desire to emulate the Saviours sacrifice by giving his or her life litterally or figuratively in the work of saving others.

Paul Antony Cotton The idea that God decided that the only way to save mankind from the disease that he gave them is to kill his son is beyond demented and only a psychopath could write such a thing. As for anyone who actually believes it, well, I do have some doubts about their morality. FB Jan 3 Reasonable Fiath Debunked

Did God decide that the only way to save man was to kill his son? What does it even mean for God to decide something for Jesus? Jesus mentions he and the Father are one. Jesus created the universe he was not unaware of what was going on.