The brain is an icon representing information specifically the information that relates to the mind, when the mind is damaged the representation of this, the brain, is viewed as being damaged. The brain is a physical correlate of the information that is mind.

Unless information does not exist which would then mean no intelligent origin of information need exist which also tells us that no inteligent receiver of information (us) exists. Given the recipient of information (us) exists then an originator of this information must exist as information must have a source (God).

The recipience of information cannot be seperated from the origination of information and neither can be divided from the information itself.


Information is matter codified into meaningful patterns, that is according to a schema requiring a shared understanding between two communicants of a sender and a receiver.

WHen born a baby is born without communication, he learns to communication, 24 million neuron connections a minute.


Language is a tool for thinking, internalizing understanding

Entropy and understanding. Sense of self is wakeful state. Stress shuts off the connectivity process but challange increase, often the work environment creates stress and creates a flight/fight response rather than a creative communication process

Evolutionists have no connections to the reality of faith.

Evolution is high entropic theory.