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Democratic Facilitators

Democratic Facilitors or Grassroots Democratic Administration Consultants are professionals who guide businesses and communities through the democracy building process. Democractic Federation Facilitators are familier with or become familier with the local community and are able to identify pools of equity that can be accessed and tapped as a resource to fund the democracy building process. Equity is monetized or turned into a grassrrots currency for use in the Exchange and the democracy building programs initiated.

GDAF are experts in identifying things with value a community or business has that sit underused, these assets may be skills, tools and equipment, and abilities. Assets are things with value that are often unused or under utilized because the administration sees no way to access the equity they represent. Pools of equity are complementary assets, assets that can work in conjunction to create a market. A sewing machine and a skilled seamstress and a supply of material and the ability to sell are all assets that have complementary value and can be used to set up a sewing busines and a market for custom made clothes.

Facitators can assist democratic businesses and communities develop spinoffs from the main activity. Complementary assets not only refer to assets that can create a particular product or service it refers to other products and services that use some of the assets not fully utilized to develop new products and services, in this way costs in a Democratic Exchange are systematically lowered.

Democratic Facilitators identify and systematically eliminate social costs such as debt. Debt is equitized or transformed into debits in the Exchange accounts, a process called debt equitization or the equitization of debt. In this way debt is eliminated. Eliminating debt is a good way to lower costs.



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