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Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Neutrality is living without waste; inuts equal outputs. Carbon neutrality is an attempt to mimic the natural process of the world to create human processes that produce what can be used and to generate only those actions that serve to energize processes downsteam. Carbon neutrality is a doctrine that states a community or business that creates costs for other communities or businesses is not sustainable or ethical.  Carbon neutrality requires we output only that which serves as input. One produces for consumption and one consumes to produce. Sustainability is creating a continuous process. 

The Right to Life as with the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness only makes sense within the context of a community and this has to be a sustainable or carbon neutral community because if the community is at risk of collapse rights not longer make sense. The right to life for the individual is the expectation that the community will act rationally. Human rights are nullified without community rights. When human rights are under the juridistiction of a state the right to life becoems a travesty of what human life is about.

The problem with statism is that it links human rights with the state and makes human rights legal rights that is rights defined and issued by governments. The state tends to issue human rights with or as property rights. The more property a person owns the more free he is within the state. Statists have faith in the power of the state. The power of the state is exercised in the autority it has over the material realm.

Rationalists believe in the community being the final arbiter of right and wrong in that it is the value of the community that defines human rights and freedoms. When human rights are abrogated the value of the community declines.

Human rights are simply what makes sense in terms of the profitability of a community and this comes down to carbon neutrality. Human rights come down to the carbon neutrality in a community.

Just as liberals argue that people have a right to make decisions as to the disposition of what they own Rationalists argue that the community owns what it encompasses and has a right to dispose of what it is composed of in a way that increases its value. Community Rights are human rights translated over to their proper location in a carbon neutral community.




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