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What Is Wikian: 

Wikism is the belief that the group is the source of human reason, morality and economic prosperity because it is the group that provides the standard by which these things are measured. All things are good but value is established in a wikinet not in the individual nor at the level of the mass of humanity. Wikians are persons who commits to the welfare of a group in a way that makes him or her accountable to the group.

A wikian is simply a member of a group whose members commit themselves to each other usually by making a covenant with each other to care for each other and to support each other within the structure of a wikinet. A wikinet is not founded for any purpose but the welfare of the group and has no loyalty or duty to any organization or political body but the members of the wikinet to which the member belongs.

A Wikian is the members of a wikinet who have convented with one another. The wikinet becomes the standard by which individual initiatives are evaluated. The state of the wikiwork or net is the standard by which the actions of the individual are measured and for which the member is held accountable.

What Is Economics: 

Economics is about allocation of scarce resources meaning every choice has an economic consequence.

The fundamental unit of economics is a rational exchange.

The key problem is how to limit non rational exchanges or the creation of social costs.

The world attempts to do this with pyramidal organizations, hierarchies, economics has focused on capitalism which creates centralized organizations based on ownership of capital.

This creates power relationships and options for exploitation.

Charity in the form of not for profit organizations is a way to do economics using flat organizational structures that ensure rational exchanges happen.

Some say economics is about the problem of scarcity, how to allocate scarce goods to satisfy infinite needs. Our needs have the potential for causing division. Wikimarkets are the only feasible way to allocate scarce good amoungst infinite needs without utilizing hierarchies and producing conditions which will cause division.

Wikiworks are constructed as not for profits consistent with the concept of wikimarkets.


Ecumenicalism is about joining people together or creating the basis for unity. Ecumenicalists believe the not for profit chariable institution is particularly suitable for this purpose.

Wikinets bring people together and serve as a practical way for churches to erase their doctrinal differences.



Freedom has been the desire of all peoples in all times and places; but liberalism has created a dilemma for all peoples throughout time; liberalism is not compatible with ecumenicalism or its fullest manifestation, the nation state, liberalism consistently creates costs for society and future generations that threatens to pull the social fabric apart, unemployment, poverty and pollution are social costs created by liberal social policies; ecumenicalism requires the world undergoes a new reformation similar to that which separated Protestantism from Catholicism in 1517 and for much the same reason – because ecumenicalism requires the systematic destruction of liberalism.


Human Rights Versus Legal Rights explains the philosophical and techical foundations of wikiosphy.

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