a nationalist response 


Patriots are concerned about the adoption of M103, the open boarder policy initiated by the Trudeau government aided and abetted by the RCMP and provincial governments. We believe these and other means taken by the Trudeau government, his ministers and various other organizations charged with protecting the nation have not only erred in the choices they have made but have done so in such a way as to form a Conspiracy.

It is therefore our intention to act as all good Patriots must. We intend to take every legal option available to us to secure our national boarders and ensure our national security. To this end we shall initiate a GoFundMe campaign to acquire the funds necessary to consult with consstitutional experts, lawyers and various offices in the justice and military to explore all legal options, up to and including charges of Treason and/or Crimes Against Humanity being brought up against Trudeau and as such members of his cabinet and others who are complicit in this Conspiricy to destroy the nation, consitition and personal security and sovereignity of the people of Canada.


 You do all realize this is the first time in history Canada has felt this way. I bet this concern was not met even during the Wars, never has the threat been home gown. I so hate the liberals for doing this. I will never rest so long as I see that name. I would like it wiped out of the dictionary.

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