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Rational Protocols


  1. Life is in the good investments we make; failure is in the bad ones.

  2. Investments are choices that disburse assets or things of value according to our priorities.

  3. Leveraging is a debt creating investment strategy that reduces choices.

  4. Debt shifts value and choices to ones creditors by means of interest payments and seized goods.

  5. Investments that reduce our economic options are not moral or rational and do not constitute true choice. 

  6. Anarchist investments eliminates debt and optimizes the allocation of assets by swapping assets for equity and equity for assets.

  7. Anarchist transactions have the form of an economic rational exchange.

  8. Rational exchanges produce good results (greater liquidity).

  9. Investment that are moral are investments that produce jobs and lowers costs (increase liquidity).

  10. Debt and poverty is reduced when rational exchanges predominate.

  11. Free Markets (based on private property) activity produces division and social stratification.

  12. Leveraged investing is not a moral option for rational persons.

  13. Equity is a measure of the wealth in an Anarchist Exchange (its liquidity coefficient).

  14. Equity/wealth measures the moral content of past investments.

  15. Exchanges are Anarchist credit unions that use equity as a form of internal currency to eradicate debt, the fuel of markets.

  16. Exchanges deleverage investments and produce economic development while eliminating risk.

  17. Exchanges generate guaranteed returns - guaranteed.

  18. Rational exchanges always produce good results and by pass the need for regulatory agents.

  19. Exchanges create a scalable and quantifiable objective is the use of equity accumulation as a measures of success. 

  20. Anarchist Exchanges use an equity based currency to create and fund Anarchist operations and projects.

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