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Liberalism is an oppressive relationship between political unequals. In an ethical organization the lower level has power over upper. The people have rights over those levels of government that are created or sustained by them. We are citizens not subjects. If one does not have the right to live free of debt one is a servant and peasent. Unethical activities are the source of all social costs. Social costs are corrosive to civilization and culture. Social costs are the direct result of power disparities. When the state authorizes or legitimizes a corporation the legal entity has a status equal to that of a human being. This is a Crime Against Humanity and by necessity a violation of human rights.

Liberalism puts the created above the body politic that created or sustains it. Humans have rights that are above the rights of organizations. We have a right to what we create. We have a right to live without debt. These are ethical absolutes.

Rationalists believe human beings have inherent knowledge. The only possible way of denying the existence of innate knoweldge is a conscious decision to reject what is directly perceived; our own existence. This is not logical. Logically we are required to live by the fact of our existence.

Rights granted to organizations generate social division and moral confusion. The deification of organizations infringes upon our human rights. Legal rights conflict with human rights. Legal rights abrogate the rights of Christians. Ownership is a human right that cannot be rescinded in favour of artificial beings or idols.

Ownership cannot be exercised by organizations. Ownership exists as a human right. Private ownership as legitimized by the state creates liabilities because it associates ownership with  legal rights. Personal ownership is consistent with our human rights. Personal ownership requires a human being to exercise it.

Debt is not consistent with human rights. Debt always creates division and division increases costs. Debt requires the state to exist. Debt disenfranchises the debtor. This is an infringement of our civil rights. 

Liberalism is an adversarial social system based on disparities of power. Liberalism precludes the right of separation. Liberalism might be justified were we autonomous individuals with no obligations to one another however if we are responsible for one another. Rational Exchange believes in The Golden Rule and human rights. Waste cannot be justified or tolerated. The fact that waste may be sanctioned by majority opinion does not make it rational. Majorities cannot remove rights from a minority; democracy does not provide legitimacy.





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