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A New Kind Of Charity

Economic plans come and go. Poverty, unemployment, debt remain. Goverments continue to grow as service decline. Charitable Exchanges are a new kind of charity that strips the state of most of its power and resources transferring these to new and existing businesses.

Charitable Exchanges can change the world, systematically and irreversibly by transferring resources and power to new and existing businesses and this essay will show you how.

We all want to see the end of unemployment, debt, poverty? We want to see the price of food go down. We all want a more reliable source of local food. We want to see the cost of government go down and the quality of services provided go up. All of this and more can be achieved through the use of Charitable Exchanges. Charitable Exchanges are organizations that tap into the power of charitable status and charitable receipts.

Charitable Exchanges help people to help themselves. They make it possible for even the poor and unemployed to help one another. Charitable Exchanges help even poor persons to help others start businesses, find jobs, buy stuff on credit and learn about the responsible use of credit. Charitable Exchanges help the poor, homeless and unskilled find the ability to help themselves and other.

Rational Exchange believes conventional methods of helping the poor, old, disabled, unemployed, unskilled and homeless as well as the working poor have demonstrated serious limitations. Dare we use the word failure? Conventional systems have failed to achieve any substantial change in the level of poverty or the plight of the homeless and most vulnerable.

Rational Exchange believes charities hold the key to real change.

The first step is to create or join a special kind of charity called a Charitable Exchange.

Every one who wishes to make this Charity a success becomes a member and receives one Common Share in the Exchange.

A drive is conducted to capitalize and equip the Exchange. Money, goods and services are collected.

Charitable receipts are given for all donations of cash and kind.

Charitable receipts are exchanged if wished for volats, a kind of money.

It works like this. A Volunteer donates a saw. The saw is determined to have a value of $30.00 The volunteer is given a receipt for $30.00. This can be used to buy 30 voluts. These are volunteer dollars, they are backed by the power and generosity of volunteer’s donations.

Sam volunteer to clean houses for 3 hours. His donation is worth $60.00 for the 3 hours. Sue buys one hour of work from Same for $20 voluts. She is left with v40.00. 

Donations of money can be made. Fred donates $3000.00 He receives a charitable receipt. This enables Fred to claim a  tax deduction. The Charitable Exchange uses this money to pay down member debt. Dolly owes $3000.00 on a credit card. She opens an account at the Charitable Exchange, it debits her account v3000.00 and pays off her credit card. 

The members of the Exchange then focus on finding ways of helping Dolly work down this debt.

 She is now assured of a job.

Charitable Exchanges: education. Are you happy with the present school system? In the early days parents hired and fired teachers and set the curricula. Why are modern parents incapable of doing this now? What has changed, are modern parents less educated, less concerned about the quality of education their kids receive? These are the steps to take in brief, to create a Charitable Exchange providing education as a charitable activity.

Create a Charitable Exchange.

Contact parents. Sign them up.

Volunteers donate resources, books, space, time, money and whatever can be used or sold to establish a school.

Parents as volunteers determine curricula, set costs, financing.

Charitable Exchanges provide charitable receipts for all donations, including time and so on.

Appoint a teacher. Pay is some combination of voluts and dollars.

Take your kids out of the conventional school system and role them in the Charitable Exchange education system.

Business Start Ups

Several persons note there are empty stores, unemployed persons, resources such as machinery, skills etc., etc not used or underused or a need not being met, eg a need for cheaper or more reliable food source.

Volunteers meet to set up a Charitable (business) Exchange based around a perceived opportunity or need. In this instance we will look at two scenarios, setting up an arts store and a beef store.

People have noticed a local store sits empty.

A Charitable Exchange is set up. Money for rent or to purchase the store is provided or if the owners is a volunteer she may provide the space and be paid in voluts. The store is set up and provisioned using donations and volunteers are given charitable receipts for the donations.

Those artists who wish to hang art or display objects rent space paying the Charitable Exchange in voluts. When a sale is made the sale is paid for in voluts and the artist receives payment minus any commissions.

A group may decide to start a Charity to help people lower the cost of beef. A Charitable (beef) Exchange is formed.

Some people may be butchers, or farmers or have storage space or processing space. Knives and other supplies etc can be provided. All of this is paid for or recognized by the provision of charitable receipts. Those who wish can seek a reduction in taxes, those who wish can turn these receipts into voluts.

If insufficient money is found to purchase a side or carcass each member can be levied an equal entry fee.

The beef is processed on site or convenient location. Those who do the work are paid a living wage in voluts for the hours worked. 

When the beef is processed and packaged it is sold using a Dutch auction. Auctioneer starts high and seeks incrementally lower bids, first bid in purchases as much product as they wish.

Bidding resumes, if matching bids are made bidding resumes upward until only one bidder remains.

All product is sold this way. v0.00 bids are allowed to eliminate all product including bones and offal.

Proceeds are divided between volunteers equally or reinvested.

The Bracebridge Exchange is a proposed organization with charitable status seeking to help Bracebridge reduce costs, create jobs and build new and existing businesses while reducing debt and interest payments. Will you help

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