The Free Village is an Intentional Community and a model of a debt-free community.


Free Village:  A Free Place

Rational Exchange eliminates debt. Free Markets in which debt is eliminated promote the establishment of Free Villages, communities based on debt free living. Free Villages can be planted anywhere by anyone because democracy can be exercised anywhere by anyone. Free Villages (Exchanges) grow naturally because freedom is contagious. Freedom is the ultimate expression of love in action. 

Free Villages are built on the basis of  what one has and can do because the true bricks of freedom is a functional democracy. The design of Free Villages is scalable and flexible. If you have a specific situation you would like Rational Exchange to address in regard to forming a Democratic Exchange let us know.

There are only two paths a person can follow. The wrong path is irational and immoral and unfree. Free Villages are built on unfettered democracy. A community or market that is free of debt is free indeed.

Free Village:  Wealth In Freedom

The only real wealth is freedom. The ultimate freedom is the freedom of creativity. Ideas are the only thing we can own and truly create regardless of who or where we are. Everything else is to some degree held in common and subject to the market.

The Free Market freed of debt creates an Exchange. Ideas need not be complex to have value. Ideas on how to do the everyday better is as important as how to do what has not yet been done and often has far more impact on peoples lives.

Democratic Exchanges can be based on an ideas as simple as growing vegetables in an organized way. Each person specializing in one or two crops which are then sold using a free currency. From a simple idea such as this many other ideas grow. A Free Market is not a strange and forbidding beast, it is just a way to introduce ideas to others so that we can work together to make life better.

Why not start a Free Market by encouraging your neighbours to specialize in growing a few types of crop. At the end of the season the produce is at a Farmers Market using rollars of other community currency. Some of the crops can be processed into salads, jams and jellies and other products. Those doing the processing are paid in units of the local currency and the resulting product is sold. The money pays expenses (such as wages and rent) and the rest invested in business expansion.



Revised: April 12, 2013



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