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A Tirade Against Freedom
January 2015

Life is not about freedom. The liberals got it all wrong. The lust for freedom produces debt and other social ills. Debt is the antithesis of freedom. The intrinsic paradox of the liberal agenda has to be understood if one is to understand freedom and the problems the liberal free market has created.

Libertarianism is a philosophy about freedom but Libertarians do not oppose debt, they are not antithetical to debt, Libertarians do not fear debt and so do not understand it and do not mitigate the problems it creates. Liberals see Socialism as a solution but it is a source of social costs and debt. The means to achieve goals are other human beings and the resources of the planet. We are not to be sacrificed to any end no matter how seemingly grand or personally rewarding.

The Libertarian conception of freedom is flawed. The Free Market, the Libertarian model of freedom, is closed to those without the financial means to access the market. Libertarian styled freedom extends to those with capital and is decidedly missing for those without it. The poor are a debt created by the wealthy a debt they have disavowed. This is the immorality of the Libertarian lifestyle and a symptom of the inconsistency that flows through liberalism. Liberals promote freedom but require the interference of governments to achieve it and Socialist policies to maintain it. The Liberal Paradox is the outcome when freedom is made a purpose and the purpose overshadows those who are meant to be free.

Those who fully understand freedom abhor debt and fight it tooth and nail. Debt is a revolution maker. Debt is a line in the sand the point at which retreat is no longer an option.

Economic rational exchanges are perfectly liquid in that they carry no debt. Debt cannot be carried in an economic rational exchange; debt and rational exchanges are immiscible because they will not mix. Eliminating social costs not only creates rational exchanges it spontaneously generates specialization. Specialization is the single factor behind all increases in productivity. Therefore the promotion of specialization and the absolute rejection of debt in all its forms are ultimately responsible for all wealth generation. The more debt is tolerated the less wealth generated because debt drives out rational exchanges.

Some form of debt is always required to enforce control. Putting ends before the integrity of the ecology of earth always creates debt. Ecological destruction occurs every time liberals adopt a socialist platform for Socialism of necessity generates debt. Socialism creates dependency and authoritarianism because the subject depends on something the authority holder has. Dependency is a form of debt. The slave supposedly owes the master obedience; the worker owes the employer his job. Both exist to fulfill a purpose that is not part of human nature and is ultimately antithetical to nature itself.

No one questions if natural processes can be described by laws stated mathematically. It seems reasonable that it should be so. Yet, there seems to be a common misconception that because humans possess choice and because we have the power of free will we can choose whatever course of action we wish as if life choices were of no more significant than selecting a breakfast cereal. Is this thinking rational?

If choices matter and it is the position of this essay that they do then there are consequences and of necessity some choices are better than others. Some choices are right because they produce good results and others are wrong because they leave debt behind. All environmental damage is a debt owed the planet and humanity in general.

We have, in this life, but two choices. This is not negotiable. The options are contradictory and incompatible. The paths cannot be reconciled or made to co-exist, not in reality, not in our conscience or consciousness nor in theory or in our way of living. At each step in our life we are confronted with the inescapable fact we must choose one way or the other; one path or the other. We either pay the costs we create or we leave debts behind us. One path or choice is rational and the other less so. 

The two choices we have create two philosophies: Rationalism and Naturalism. The focus of these two ways of thinking and understanding and managing are labelled the rational way and the Natural way, the way of inanimate nature.

There are many different theories and strategies for managing the workplace, none have solved all the issues because liberals do not understand the issues they try and solve. All theorists are to varying degrees disciples of the liberal conception of freedom and their ideas betray this enslavement to a meaningless concept. Environmentalists are less motivated by freedom and more concerned with issues such as accountability and sustainability. These are economically definable concepts. This distinction is reflected in the differing views of Environmentalists and liberals concerning private property.

Owning property does not give people rights it makes people accountable for its use. This gives us our ideas about Dominion. Having Dominion over the world means human beings are accountable for its use. We ought to have Dominion over our communities. We ought to be accountable for the state of our communities but in the end we are not even accountable as to how we use what belongs to us. This is the legacy an era of liberal thinking has left us.

Liberals are advocates of freedom but their ideology sees freedom as an asset to be accumulated. Private Enterprise is a liberal theory as to how those with private property ought to be free to exploit what they have as they see fit while costs are simply an inconvenience to be shed as the opportunity arises.

The liberal conception of freedom is flawed, a point that has been developed elsewhere primarily in Under New Management available on kindle.

Freedom cannot be possessed without hindering the ability of other stakeholders to impact what you are doing just as their freedom impacts your ability to exercise your free will and the disposition of your property. Libertarianism promotes the idea (ideal) of the moral island and supports moral relativism. The individual is viewed as a self-sufficient island that acts as a sovereign entity unto him or her self. Right and wrong are relative concepts that adhere to the individual moral islands.

We live in and our humanity is expressed through the ecology of earth and the specific expression of this in community. Environmentalism demands democracy not anarchy and most certainly not moral relativism. Rationalism is a movement to put the focus on the integrity of earth’s ecology not the profitability of an enterprise especially when this is achieved at the expense of planet earth.

Please contact us if you are ready to participate in undoing the liberal damage to the world. Join Rational Exchange and help defeat Naturalism.



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