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Freedom has been the desire of all peoples but the world is in chains. Despite the many armies, the revolutions, the electoral reforms mankind is still entrapped in institutions and systems that enslave him. 

Rational Exchange is a social  technology for the repatriation of resourses, by this we mean a technology for stripping wealth from the state. This is the only way to rebuild the nation. It is the only way to ensure our nations security.

The National Front is an association of Nationalists. Nationalists seek to regain their rightful power as the keeper of thier lands. We work to identify and reduce sources of risk and improve the level of national security. In this time when globalism, fascism and social justice movements threaten to usurp the right of all peoples to a secure national presence only repatriation will develop secure national boarders. Rational Exchange believes the nation is the proper unit of political power and the key to the protection of our human rights and freedoms. Human rights and the security of the person is not possible without the nation state. It is then the nation state that all attacks against human rights and freedom is directed. Our speciality is helping nations develop stronger security protocols.  We help identify and counter fascist policies and ideologies as threats against the nation state. Rational Exchange is an expert on the methodologies and practices of fascist organizations especially as it pertains to its focused attacks against nationalism. We believe the nation state has been infiltrated and infected with fascist ideology and personalities. We understand the insideous nature of fascism and how it infiltrates nationalist and human rights organizations. National Security requires repatriating resouces. All legitimate power flows uphill and exists only to the degree lower levels provide.

The West has always striven towards democracy, it is part of our history. But fascism was never extinquished and once more is reasserting itself. Many who hold democracy dear have been misled by those who favor top down sstructures. Liberalism and Islam have joined forces to bring down democracy and the nation state.

Liberalism has opened the West to the resurgence of fascism. Fascism is not nationalism. Fascism attacks states at the national level but is globalist in its philosophy. Fascist take over cultures and people through their national governments that is the state. Nationalists believe national security is not just a right but also necessary to human rights and freedom. The love of liberty and equality is expressed through national security.

Nationalists believe that the greatest measure of national security is the right of autonomy and that autonomy is predicated on equality and liberty. Without the right to separate, the right to say 'no' to that which we do not wish to be part of, we do not have freedom and without freedom there is no security. Freedom is the right to separate ourselves individually and our organizations collectively from the impositions and costs of others. Nationalists believe in the right of all persons to separate. We believe all persons ought to have all rights and powers not specifically assigned to a higher administrative authority. Constitutional power flows uphill. Nationalists believe all persons are born with equal rights and that no one is born with any authority that legitimizes the rescinding of any of these rights. Ones rights cannot be abrogated or abridged by any authority. All rights beyond those common to all must be expressedly assigned by the subject party. Nationalists support Positive Rights. Our position is that we have a right to expect others do all within their skill set to enable us to exercise our full complement of human rights. We are not just free of interference we are free of the sin of tolerence or of apathy from others. We must each work to make the other able to engage. This requires society to reduce risk for all citizens so all may enjoy equal security of the person. The state must organize to produce equality of income. Rationalists reject regulatory controls as ultimately self-defeating and incompatible with our human rights. Risk reduction requires positive freedom. Rational Exchange specializes in reducing risk. We all have a right to separate if we so choose. Eliminating risk makes separation less desireable. All governing bodies legitmately possess only those powers expressly assigned to them in and through due process as set out within the constitutional document.

Nationalists believe the purpose of all persons is to reduce risk. As a society we decry crime, selfishness and greed yet when people volunteer time and expertise we take it as our right to enjoy the fruits of someone elses time and labour. It is not a big leap from thinking we are owed help to demanding it. Society must not exploit the vulnerable. Greed in all its forms increases risk. Society must do what is right and ethical to reduce risk and increase national security.

Risk exists in proportion to the degree of division that exists in a community. Risk diminishes with increased equality. Greed increases risk because division increases the threat of loss. Risk and equality are inversely related. Civilizations fall as national security is compromised.

All forms of social division are artificial. Humans are not subjects we are citizens. Human beings do not exist to serve a state. The state inevitably produces social costs. Regulations are never imposed equally. Often risk is excerbated yet state power prevents other solutions from being exercised.

Civilization is a society with low risk levels. Civilization can be quantifiable in economic terms. That is if one can quantify risk one can also quantify the level of civilization one enjoys. We predict that if civilizations are plotted on a graph societies with low levels of risk will be demonstrably more productive than those containing high levels of risk. Risk hinders the formation of capital.

Prosperity is possible only when risk is reduced. Rationalism is the argument that humans have knowledge and awareness that is innate. Rationalists believe people know how to organize themselves. This knowledge or ability is inherent. No one needs to go to school to learn how to work with others. We all know how to maximize freedom and minimize risk. This is called doing what is right. Actions either create freedom or they do not. To create freedom is to build an economy. Creating freedom is different than simply allowing it.

Freedom is not a legal right or a benefit earned by service to the state it is a human right. Freedom is not a right to be given to organizations. Person-hood is not to be given to creations of the state. The state cannot give life to organizations. Freedom is a human right because organizations ought not to be given the right to hinder the freedom of humans. Organizations cannot be given preeminence over humanity because organizations do not make choices, humans do.

Rationalists reject the notion of organizational personhood that is, legal entities.

Without the freedom to say no liabilities dominate the economy. Liabilities are debt and debt is not consistent with human rights. Debt creates necessity and is the basis of all inequality. Rulers are as unfree as those who they rule. Inequality creates mutual dependency.

Regulation is never good for the economy because inequality is not consistent with our civil liberties. Business when done right is a distinctly human activity. Business creates value because business activity increases choices.  

If we are creating wealth and adding value to the planet then our actions are consistent with our purpose. Entrepreneurism is human beings systematically reducing risk and waste. 

It is not possible to be morally neutral. We cannot stand aside from taking a stand on ethical  issues. To adopt a neutral stance faced with an ethical dilemma is in itself morally repugnant. Actions either increase the value of the planet or fail to. Morality is either being created or destroyed. Truth cannot be followed and rejected both at the same time. We are either quantifiably positive or negative. One acts morally or not. A culture produces waste or not. One is moral or one is not. There is no middle ground.

Rationality in economics is an exchange in which both parties to the transaction benefit.  Equality is the foundation of prosperity and progress. Economic rational exchanges are the foundation of and definition of a free market. A truly free market is positive towards freedom it does not just allow freedom it promotes freedom. Economic rational exchanges build up the economys because they generate equality of income. Without freedom there is no economy and no meaningful economic activity. Economic rational exchanges are the economic expression of a free people. 

Life is about choices and economics is the vehicle through which our choices are realized. People have both life and choices or neither. To have life and choice we need economics for it is in economics that choice is expressed. Economics exists only when cooperation exists, competition destroys the economy and creates immorality. An economy is a place where people exchange goods and services without let or hindrance by the state. Ethics and a cooperative economy are synomyms. Regulations are not consistent with the economy because regulations are not consistent with human rights.

Choices can only be made by individuals. But individuals can only make choices in the context of an economy. Freedom requires an economy free of state intervention. Real choices are market based because a real choice is made in an economy. Real choices have economic consequences. Economic consequences are empirically quantifiable.

Choices require assets. Choices create markets. Choices change the disposition of assets. Choices add value to the planet. Cooperation is the way the world progresses but acting out of compulsion and necessity consumes more value than is created.

It is not the amount of assets a community contains it is the capital that it can access. A small amount of gold available to the economy is worth more than a large amount buried in granite or commercial vaults. Wealth is created by rational exchanges. Economic rational exchanges require a unit of account. We need to measure economic activity. Debt is the destruction of capital.

Without money choice is an illusion. Without assets there are no choices. Without choices cooperation is impossible. Poor people cannot create wealth for they do not have the assets on which to build capital. Poor people cannot choose in the way those with assets can because they do not have the basis of on which choices are made. Poverty de-humanizes people because it deprives them of the ability to make economic choices and thus poor people are deprived of the ability to function on a truly human level.

A primary concern of Nationalists is to see assets and thus choice put into the hands of the productive sector. The elimination of debt and the creation of money is the secret to a successful economy. Money is consistent with personal ownership but is hindered by what is referred to as private ownership. Personal ownership is rational and produces economic activity. We all understand and accept personal ownership. Personal ownership forms the foundation of economic activity. Private ownership is a legal right sanctioned by the state given to a legal person but the state does not have or the authority to charter rights and institute ownership. There is no Constitutional vehicle by which the state can be given authority over human rights. Private ownership is constitutionally invalid and an infringement upon mankinds human rights. Private ownership produces inequality and division because private ownership infringes our human rights. 

Private ownership is possible only for private entities created by authority of the state using a Letter of Patent.

Environmentalism is a natural concern of human beings because there is no disjuncture between caring for the planet and business activity. Business ethics and environmentalism are inherently compatible both refelct the needs of the economy. Personal ownership is the foundation on which the economy rests. Private ownership along with free enterprise tends to create social, economic and ethical divisions due to their unconstitutionality. We have the right to possess what we create. Organizations ought not to have a right to possess resources given to them by the legal machinations of the state. There is no constitutional authority by which the state can authorize the formation of personhood. But the state has convinced us that assets need to be privately owned that is owned by organizational entities, as part of the free enterprise system. Private ownership legitimizes and is legitimated by the state. Private ownership is that form of ownership that is legitimized by the state by the state creating a fictitious legal person or subject then giving a letter of patent to authorize a claim against a pool of assets. This is tantamount to a Crime Against Humanity.

The state sets itself up as the de facto owner of what rightfully belongs to the people and then robs us of the value that is ours by right assigning it to an entity it creates, licences and/or legislates into existence. This is the foundation and source of all social costs. The State is not God and cannot create existences. Nationalists believe people have a right to what they produce. We own the resources under our care. Organizations do not have priority over human rights.

Business consume the raw materials out of which products and services emerge. But we do not own what is claimed on the basis of the power and authority of the state. We own the value-added not the foundation on which our work is done. The created does not hold authority over the creator. Upon this is based the authority or all constitutions and covenants. The state takes its authority from the people and can never hold final authority over a citizen. Babylon is fascism and the centralization of power. Fascism is the usurption of power the created ruling the creator.

People know right from wrong. We know when an action adds value or wastes what has value. We know when we face more or less risk. No one is free to make whatever choice seems to benefit the individual at the cost of others. Right actions create value and reduce risk.  All humans know the difference between creating value and consuming value. We know the difference between credits and debits and between gain and loss. We know what waste is and we know waste is wrong because in the final analysis waste generates risk. Waste diminishes civilization. We all know when someone is cooperating and when they are consuming. We know what rationality is and we know what responsibility is and we know what responsibility is not. Our corrupt and conflicting economic system makes waste seem a good option. The possibility of getting something for nothing makes reneging on the social convenant seem the rational thing to do.  Some people may feel it is better to throw garbage on the side of the road than pay to have it disposed of properly but if we all did this our costs would rise exponentially. These kinds of things happen because fascists make social costs appear to make sense. The state is not the final authority, the people are.


National Exchanges:

  • promotes flat organizations.

  • use cash and single entry bookkeeping.

  • are based on The Golden Rule.

  • eliminate free riding.

  • rejects usury.

  • eleminate debt and demonstrates there is no need for debt.

  • create an equity based currency for internal transactions.

  • promote local ownership of local resources.

  • promote the production and consumption of local sourced goods and services.

  • support the preferential expansion and development of local businesses.

  • work with what people have and know and can do.

  • eliminate social costs such as unemployment, debt and poverty.

  • build the small scale knowledge rich businesses of the Creative Economy.

  • eliminate the need and cost of advertising and marketing.

  • increase business efficiency and productivity.  

  • eliminate the need for central banking and debt.

  • provide a debt and interest free supply of credit and money (rollars).

  • remove the risk of bankruptcy and business failure.

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Homelessness is as big a problem as the growing debt, unemployment and poverty that troubles many communities. Homelessness is a source of social division and a blight on humanity. Homelessness waste our human resources because a homeless person is never fully engaged in the community and in fact is often seen as a blight on the community. It is not consistent to suggest a community is developing but not eliminating homelessness  Economic Development to be sustainable has to eliminate free loading and this can be done only by free markets. Find out more ..

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