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Christians are commanded to come out of the fallen world. That no general exodus has happened is because Christians do not know where the Promised Land is. As a consequence atheists have left Christiandom rather than the reverse happening. Be that as it may Rational Exchange believes it possible to identify Babylon with the Free Market.

Babylon is a system to which business is beholden too. Private Enterprise is governed by and administrated by the state. The free rein of greed is abetted and promoted by the state. Its own greed encourages its complience with the unethical enslavement of the general population.

There is some argument that Babylon is the personification of some organization or other. It is not a specific organization but an organizational type which we have labled Globalist. Babylon is hierarchial and suppressive. It is the type of organization. Babylon is a type of organization not a specific organization.

Ethical living is about the power to choose. And the power to choose is centered on what costs we have to pay. Ethical living is paying ones own costs but not those costs created by others. The power to choose is the power to use ones own resources for ones own purposes.

Christianity is an ethical system that frees people from the constraints of law so they can be governed by the law of God and of conscience and of good ethics. This is encapsulated in the economics of The Golden Rule.

Rationalists believe we are to come out of the corruption of the Free Market and its promotion of Statism and free riding to establish communities in which people are free to live by The Golden Rule.


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