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Concepts  Risk

A risk is created when an asset is threatened by claims made on it by someone else. Risk is the monetized exposure a business has that its assets will become the property of someone else. Every claim on the business and the assets of a business comprises part of the risk a business is subject to. If a business fails to meet its obligations it is seized, its assets forfeited and it becomes equity in the protfolio of its creditors. This liquidates the debt and turns the liability into capital belonging to someone else. risk

Concepts  Money

Rational Exchange is an association of entrepreneurs, locavores and grassroots organizations. As Economic Rationalists our focus is on the elimination of state sponsered regulations. Exchanges are local based free markets geared to the promotion of economic development and elimination of social costs. Exchanges produce their own money so money is always available. This currency is a free market currency that eliminates debt. Money is in its most simple state numerical values and currency a representation of these values produced in multiples of itself.  money

Concepts  Anarchy

Anarchy is associated with freedom is is liberalism but unlike liberalism the freedom of an anarchist is associated with a rejection of government. 

The bane of anarchism is people who exploit a situation. Money is a tool created to organize the choices we make. But when the availability of money is restricted and politicalized (governed by the state) our choices become a matter of the priorities built into the system. Those who have the greatest say in how money is allocated also have the greatest say in what choices we are able to make. This is why men are forced into war and into factories and into situations they would not otherwise face were the choices they had less in the hands of others.

Concepts  Rationalism

Rationalism is the philosophical belief that humans possess inherent wisdom or knowledge.  This position has been contested by some but the economics of rationality is based on the natural understanding all persons have of the free market.

The free market provides us with objective economic standards.

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Concepts  Waste

Waste is assets used in a way that does not increase the equity of the earth to its full potential.

Concepts  Industrial Era

War does not solve social problems. Industrial unrest and coercion does not lead to prosperity. Disharmony divides and chaos conquers. The Industrial Era processes of the past are founded on simple linular reasoning and heirarchial authoritarian organizations and does not suit the complex networks and flat organizational structure that is integral to the Creative Economy. Conventional thinking is not suited to the needs of Rational Economics.

Business motivational programs that do not address Industrial based problem solving techniques do not produce lasting solutions. Programs that at their core are a way to manipulate others succeed only for as long as it takes to prove the principles they espouse are not genuine. Programs that do not address the true source of the problem become just another irritant and source of frustration. 

Concepts  Work

Other forms of life work to live but mankind works to create community. In work waste is reduced. To not work is in itself a waste and is the worst waste of all because it is a waste of human nature and our natural ability. The human ability to divorce work from need defines our degree of success. The enlightened and fully conscious individual works to reduce waste that is to increase the value of what is worked on.

Work epitomizes our choices. We all make choices in all areas of our life but in work our choices are systemized and collected and governed by a purpose and an end.

Concepts  Human Beings

Human beings are the organisms that work. We are human to the extent we work and do not waste and this is coextensive with the free market. Human beings increase the equity of earth by exercising self-knowledge. This implies progress. We understand value in a quantitative way. Our purpose is to organize to generate progress as mediated by increasing values. Humans are the value added organism, the only creature capable of progress because we are the only organism able to measure progress and the only creature able to determine and add to the value of earth. This is our purpose and our central characteristic.

The way we do this is through creative specialization. Creativity transitions high energy activities into the lower energy needs of what we call the Creative Economy, this is businesses that utilize specialization and organization as an alternative to gross energy consumption.


Ethical organizations staffed by ethical individuals seeking to implement ethical solutions in a local and targeted fashion to reclaim responsibility over a political jurisdiction.






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