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Concepts  Money

Rational Exchange is an association of entrepreneurs, locavores and grassroots organizations interested in eliminating debt, waste and poverty and the other factors disturbing social equilibrium by eliminating the conventional use of money.  more on who we are

What Do We Do?   Community Exchanges

Community Exchanges promote Free Markets, community currencies, entrepreneurism, the purchase of local produce and local goods through the use of barter.  Learn more about what we do

What We Do   Community Currency

Who else will give you free money or help you eliminate debt and poverty? Rollars are free because they are owned by and created by a community as part of its empowerment campaign. Rollars is a new kind of money  - created by the people for the people, the more rollars given away the larger and more powerful the Community Exchange becomes and the more empowered a community becomes. Using rollars generate local economic development because this generates a Free Market and helps start new businesses. Using rollars to buy and sell local goods and services in a Free Market barter economy guarantees business success, unemployment is eliminated, prosperity generated and pollution eradicated.  Learn more about earning and spending rollars

What We Do  Rollar Creation

Rollars are equity or based upon the assets owned by an Exchange. Rollars appear when needed and disapear when a transaction has been completed because they reflect the amount of assets in the system. Rollars are not bank nor government money and so they do not create debt nor inflation.

The Free Market is generally seen as the only feasible way to create economic development. It is also generally agreed that anything that disrupts or hinders or constrains the Free Market will also hurt productivity. Rollars is the only money created by and for the Free Market because a Free Market is based on barter and rational exchanges.


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Revised: June 26, 2013