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Note: This is an early expression of an Ethical Exchange. Present terminolgy uses Ethical Exchange as a preferred expression to the earlier Cooperative Barter concept.

Businesses create wealth. By increasing the rate that people start businesses and the percentage of businesses that succeed Barter Cooperatives guarantee economic development. Rational Exchange guarantees business success because Barter Cooperatives are a business model that does not permit businesses to go broke.

Rational Exchange helps you start a business that does not use or need conventional forms of money. Conventional money is the product of Zero Sum thinking. Greed is the sense that allowing another person to get rich means we are missing out on a change to accumulate more wealth for ourselves.

Businesses fail when costs increase beyond the ability of the business to pay them. The success of one business is often viewed as a detriment to the success of other peoples businesses.

Eliminate conventional money use and its zero sum effects and risk is eliminated and the risk of business failure is eliminated.

If you are a person who is in business or who wishes to go into business then go into business without accruing debt and if you have debt Rational Exchange has a better way of paying it off.

Business failure is a very serious form of waste. Everything that went into starting the business and everyone dependent on the business is made redundant.

Barter Cooperatives eliminate the problem of labour shortages and the mismatching of workers to jobs. Business problems are due to the zero sum business model. In a Zero Sum Game the success of the employee to raise wages is considered to come at the expense of ones business, increasing risk and lowering the possibility of success. Zero Sum thinking limits the free flow of workers into areas where their abilities and expertise can be best put to use. Zero Sum thinking creates conflicts between employers and employees and this waste resources and lowers productivity and increases costs. Zero Sum thinking creates conflicts because both sides of the conflict fear they will be harmed by the success of what is viewed as the opposition.

Barter Cooperatives provide everyone with their own business. Imagine everyone working, imagine every business fully staffed with reliable people who have a vested interest in the succcess of the enterprise. Such a thing may seem impossible when the business model is based on zero sum thinking. Knowing the root cause of risk (zero sum thinking) allows society to virtually eliminate business risk. The elimination of zero sum business activity produces a workplace that spontaneously generates organization, specialization and order.

If everyone is working everyone has the means to support themselves and their families. This means that everyone is buying goods and services and this means businesses are prosperous. Economic Development no longer has an impossibly high price tag. Economic stability is a natural outcome of eliminating zero sum business activity.

With secure work employees can focus on doing their job better. With a secure work force employers can focus on their business without having to deal with the issues created by an unmotivated and recalcitrant labour force. When waste is no longer an issue business stress is eliminated and prosperity is made possible for both labour and business.



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revised October 13, 2013