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Rational Exchange creates greater national security by identifying sources of risk and utilizing the social technology of patarchy to repatriate resources from the state. Rational Exchange supports and assists nationalist movements and national security policy initiatives. Patriot Exchanges are local associations pledged to the furtherance of national security at the local level. Rational Exchange helps design and define those things vital to national security. We believe national security is an inalienable right. We help nations and those who support and believe in their nation to find a national voice through patarchy a social technology for reducing risk and threats of loss by repatriating resources back to the people where they rightfully belong.

Nationalists believe in the innate worth of the nation state. Our goal is the empowerment of peoples through the sanctification of the nation state. We seek to block the globalist ideology of fascism through small scale and local action. Rational Exchange works to mobilize and strengten nationalist movements. We create programs which push nations towards income equality and democracy. We support the Independent Coalition Party. Nationalists believe income equality is the greatest barrier and block to fascist initiatives. We advise and assist with the identification and targeting of fascist ideologies and practices. Rational Exchange specializes in developing paths and proceedures for countering the politics and ideology of fascism. The key to strengthening nationalist sentiment is the separation of fascist groups from their host Fascism cannot persist without exploiting a subject population. To this end the key to defeating fascism and empowering nationalism is income equality. Nationalists believe it is income inequality that serves as the base line for all other forms of inequality. Equality of income eliminates all social costs. All social costs are manifestations of fascism. Fascism is equally at war with Christianity and the nation state. As incomes move towards equality fascism cannot survive. Ownership of what we create is a right of all persons. The creation is never above the creator. Income equality is the secret to a building a strong nation and a strong church. Income equality is the key element in winning the war against fascism and globalism.

Exchanges are organizations working to strengthn nationalism and faith. Nationalists oppose fascism, statism, greed, debt, waste and poverty. Income inequality is the ultimate offense. Exchanges alleviate sources of risk. There is no moral or economic downside, no cons to the pros connected with creating income equality though you have been taught otherwise. Income equality is actually the key element in eliminating risk and social costs. Eliminating wage disparities is the only true way to promote equality. Making the state redundant brings peace and prosperity to a people because the state is the key component in income inequality. The key to this transformation from inequality to a condition of equality from the fascism that is the state to the freedom that is a nation under God is the generation of income equality. The nation is not the state, the state is a fascist organization pushing for the eventual elimination of the nation state into a global fascist One World Order. The state is a system of goverance that emasculates the people and divides not the state from religion but the people from their faith.

To reverse this process requires a true democracy as proposed by the Independent Coalition Party.

Exchanges are small groups of people who fight to regain national independence, to push back the Globalist power of fascism using the social technology of patarchy. Freedom lovers and lovers of their country must come together to destroy the two pillars of fascist power, income inequality and social costs.


The Three Principles Of Community:

  1. No man is able to control or generate an economy unilaterally.

    1. Corollary: No man's gifts are complete or insular meaning we need other people to fully engage our own abilities and therein lies the rationale for community.

  2. No group of persons can develop a solution that is simple and powerful enough to solve the problems of community.

    1. Corollary: Our abilities are never comprehensive enough to invalidate the abilities of others or negate the need for the participation of others. Theren lies the need for markets.

  3. No group of persons is large enough, influential enough or organized enough to push through the reforms needed long enough and consistently enough to fundamentally invalidate the contributions of everyone else.

    1. Corollary: No action is complete in and of itself or is sufficient to encompass all other persons meaning community works only to the degree they generate cooperation and therein lies the need to eliminate the state.

It is only when people work together guided by The Golden Rule that nations emerge. If we do not participate in the formation of community we are not acting rationally. If our way conflicts with the way of others the basis for rational activity is missing. Rationality requires community. Community requires economic autonomy and a degree of income equality.

Democracy cannot be used as an excuse to veto the choices made by others. Majorities ought not contravene the rights and values of others. This is just another form of fascism. Fascism is immoral, uneconomic and unjustifiable. Fascism puts ones values and choices above the values of others. A nation is a common heritage and a common bond it is not disparate groups locked in a desperate battle for survival. 

Rational Exchange provides blogs, tracts, videos and training sessions on fascism and tools for developing a powerful nation state. We specialize in helping people, businesses and organizations identify fascist entities, ideologies and authorities. Exchanges serve as the basis for building a strong local free market economy. This by definition defines it as directed towards building national security.

If you would like to know more about how to generate patarchy and strong national security contact us. Pul liberalism where it belongs: in the dustbin of history.  click here

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Rollars are a currency created by direct democracies in support of national security. Present currencies create loopholes in a nations security.

Rollars (rational dollars) cannot be adulterated or counterfeited. Rollars can always be converted back into the hard goods or services available through the Exchange.   

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Poverty is a prison created by waste. Exchanges are markets that have no debt, waste, pollution, unemployment, poverty nor marginalization of the poor.  Rational Exchange is a cooperative community dedicated to eliminating social costs and state intervention. No one ought to pay costs created by others. Join Rational Exchange here.

Discover the benefits of creating an ethical monetary system issued by a local community and guided by a rational set of values. Money ought not to be controlled by the state or its designated supporters. Rational Exchange is an expert in developing ethical solutions that is solutions based on an objectively verifiable set of ethical values.


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