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Rational Exchange promotes responsible government by rewarding stewardship as God modeled by rewarding those who increase the value of the earth. Rational Exchange believes we have a duty to care for the earth but in a way the reflects the needs of mankind. The legitimacy of our organizations and practices rest on the responsible use of the environment. Dominionism is not just about mans authority over reality it is mans responsibility for the earth and in fact the claim that the legitimacy of what we do rests on the degree to which we fulfill our obligations as stewards. Steward Exchanges are environmental organizations that produce legitimacy and elilminate social costs but seeking to fulfill our stewardship role.  

Steward Exchanges create or become an ethical standard by which options and actions are legitimized by an environmental standard. Ethics is all about creating standards by which actions and proceedures can be legitimized. Exchanges are a way by which standards are established using the concept of stewardship to create responsible government.

The Three Principles Of Legitimacy:

  1. No man is able to control or generate legitimacy unilaterally.

    1. Corollary: No man's gifts are complete or insular meaning we need other people to fully engage our own abilities and theein lies the justification for community as a legimizing activity.

  2. No group of persons can develop a solution that is simple and powerful enough to solve the problems of ethical legitimacy.

    1. Corollary: Our abilities as organizations and groups are never comprehensive enough to invalidate the abilities of others or negate the need for the participation of others as iindividuals. Theren lies the need for the community as a legimizing activity.

  3. No group of persons is large enough, influential enough or organized enough to push through the reforms needed long enough and consistently enough to fundamentally invalidate the contributions of everyone else.

    1. Corollary: No action is complete in and of itself or is sufficient to encompass all other persons meaning community works only to the degree we encourage cooperation and participation from all, therein lies the need for community as a legitimizing activity.

If we do not participate in the formation and protection of and ethical community we are not acting rationally. If our way conflicts with the way of others the basis for rational activity is missing. Rationality requires community. Community requires ethical conformity to an environmental standard.

Democracy cannot be used as an excuse to veto the choices made by others. Majorities ought not contravene the rights and values of others. Liberalism is immoral, uneconomic and unjustifiable because its foundation is a robbing of Peter to pay Paul. Socialism is an ideology that puts the values and choices of the state above the values of the people.  

Rational Exchange provides blogs, tracts, videos and training sessions on responsible government. Rational Exchange is a consultantcy that specializes in helping people, businesses and organizations identify and quarantine unethical influences, ideologies, practices and authorities so as to generate and promote responsible government.

If you would like help in implementing ethical solutions to mankinds social problems and establish responsible government in a local political jurisdiction contact us we are here to help. Help push liberalism into the dustbin of history.  click here

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Rollars are a currency created by Stewards to promote responsible government.

Rollars (rational dollars) cannot be adulterated or counterfeited. Rollars can always be converted back into the hard goods or services available through the Exchange.   

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Poverty is a prison created by waste. Exchanges have no debt, waste, pollution, unemployment, poverty nor marginalization of the poor.  Rational Exchange is an advocacy for responsible government. Join Rational Exchange here.

Discover the benefits of creating an ethical monetary system. Money ought not to be controlled by the state or its designated supporters. Money ought to be based on the value we add to the planet.


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