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Stewardship is the belief that we are responsible for the state of the earth. Stewards accept responsibility for how they use the worlds resources. But a responsible person needs a way to manifest this accountability.

Undertaking the role or position of Steward requires we accept some degree of monitering. Stewardship requires complience to a standard. If we are Stewards then we need to peform according to a standard that applies to Stewards.

Rational Exchange is not an earth first movement nor are we strictly speaking environmentalists, but we believe entrepreneurs have an obligation to take care of what we own. It is just good business sense. Personally we pamper our cars, maintain our homes and dote on our pets but as business owners we sometimes treat earth as  if it were external to the Global Market. If it is we are in the wrong market. We cannot make costs disappear.

Our life and prosperity depends on how well we care for the earth. The long term viability of our business and our species depends on the state of the earth.

Rationalists are Stewards in that we believe caring for the earth makes sense expecially from the perspective of the Global Market. We also believe that the state of the earth is a good indicator of how rational we are living. There is no rational justification for destroying the earth. Negative indicators are indications that we are not collectively making the best possible choices.

Rationality is making choices that make sense from the perspective of Stewardship. The better condition the world is in the more prosperous we are. Rationality can be measured by determining our level of general prosperity. Global prosperity gives us a good idea as to how rational our choices.

Rational Exchange helps us make the right choices in terms of our Stewardship so we make the right economic choices.

Rationality is making the right choices in real time in the real world. If we consistently make the right choices we generate prosperity. If the choices we make as a community are rational they produce a prosperous world consistent with reality.

Rational living requires a Global Market. We cannot make choices unless the choice exist. Choices create and are created by markets. The Global Village is a Globalist Market cusomtized to a particular time and place. Global Villages are designed by the people for the people, a place where people create choices and prosperity for their community and ultimately the world.


Revised May 05, 2013