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Rational Exchange advises organizations and individuals on the subject of stewardship and ethical legitimacy based on the value ones life adds to the planet. This is tantamount for establishing responsible government. That which is not ethical is not rational and not legitimate. That which is not legitimate is not ethical and cannot be permitted. Rational Exchanges develops ethical solutions to mankinds social problems. We not only lobby against unethical practices and ideas we promote ethical legitimacy through responsible government.

Rational Exchange believes the left is composed of an alliance between globalism, feminism, Islamism and liberalism. These are oppressive and debt producing divisive ideologies. The problem is not just to identify the enemy but to mount an effective that is ethical, attack. For too long the Right has challanged the liberals on their own turf using narratives developed by the left. Rational Exchange suggests a new approach based on the ethics of legitimacy defined by the provision of responsible government. To promote ethical solutions to makind's social problems Rational Exchange proposes the creation of social units, or units of governance called Steward Exchanges. Steward Exchanges are not for profit organizations with charitable status that issues charitable receipts to compensate citizens for gifts given. The mission of a Steward Exchange is to eliminate fascism. 

Steward Exchanges work to eliminate unethical activity defined as activity that does not add value to the planet. Steward Exchanges are the world's first workable social technology. Exchanges strip power and resources from the public sector and transfer these to local goverance units or Steward Exchanges to create responsible government.

Liberalsm moves the economy away from equality, sustainability and personal autonomy to usher in social dependency on central and therefore oppressive government. Liberals creates costs and unnecessary costs are inflationary. Social costs do not reflect rational use of our resources. The measure of waste is the measure of the extent to which charity is rejected. Waste is an offense against our human rights. Waste is typologically the same as debt. No cost imposed onto others can be reconciled with any viable ethical system. Only the state has the power to revoke human rights in favour of legal rights. Only the state has the power to disenfranchise the people and deprive people of their civil liberties. A civilization that wastes resources will fare poorly in competition with a culture that wastes less. Wars are won by attrition meaning the army that causes the other side to waste more of its resources eventually wins the war.

Exchanges promote charitable activity at the level of a local community. Exchanges systematically eliminate parasitic liberalism by means of responsible government. Steward Exchanges devolve power down to the local level at the expense of the state.

Exchanges are organizations that utilize charitable status as a tool of responsible government. Steward Exchanges eliminate risk by utilizing debt for equity swaps to fund operations. Exchanges are consistent with the parameters of the Creative Economy and all low energy initiatives and Grassroots movements for example: Transition Initiatives, EDAP, Pay It Forward and Buy Local Movements including the 100 Mile Diet.

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