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Rational Exchange teaches and promotes patarchy, a social technology that strips power from fascist organizations. Patarchy restores power to patriots in a process called repatriation. Patarchy opposes every manifestation of fascism wherever found. Rational Exchange believes fascism is incompatible with the nation-state and with patriotism. Rational Exchange produces programs centered on repatriation which means power is stripped from oppressive organizations and downloaded on the lowest possible level. All oppression between political unequals is considered fascist. Rational Exchange opposses fascism at every level as manifestations of risk. We help oppressed persons with the negotiating of a restructured agreement, reformatting organizational structures and administrative protocols, assisting with the generation of a stronger horizontal profile. A strong nation is based on a strong patarchic foundation. Patriotic organizations must produce increased national security or it has moved  aggressively towards fascism. Contact us for more details on how to pormote national security at the local level. Rational Exchange assists individuals, businesses and communities as well as governments on all levels to develop national security initiatives. 

Fascism is the movement of the economy away from income equality as well as sustainability. Fascism creates costs and unnecessary costs are inflationary. Social costs do not reflect rational use of our resources. The measure of waste is the measure of the extent to which our markets fail to properly assign costs. Waste is an offense against our civil liberties. Waste is typologically the same as debt. No cost imposed onto others can be reconciled with any viable ethical system. Only the state is able to legitimize rescinding human rights in favour of legal rights. Only the state has the power to disenfranchise the people and deprive people of their civil liberties. A civilization that wastes resources will fare poorly in competition with a culture that wastes less. Wars are won by attrition meaning the army that causes the other side to waste its resources eventually wins the war. The more a market subscribes to The Golden Rule the less debt it is subject to and the more civil liberties it allows.

The Golden Rule is the foundational principle of Christianity. When The Golden Rule is implemented civil liberties are respected - risk is alleviated. The Golden Rule forms the foundation of our national security. Exchanges systematically eliminate social costs and this includes the state. Exchanges work always towards national security. Exchanges systematically eliminates fascism and fascist organizations. Exchanges devolve power down to the local level at the expense of the state.

Exchanges are organization that utilize patarchy as a social technology to generate repatriation. Patriot Exchanges eliminates risk by eliminating the divisive powers of fascism and sources of risk. Patarchy is a technology that is consistent with the Creative Economy and all low energy initiatives and Grassroots movements for example: Transition Initiatives, EDAP, Pay It Forward and Buy Local Movements including the 100 Mile Diet.

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