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Rational Exchange is a technology for repatriating power and resources. Patarchy is the rule of Patriots and serves as a social technoogy of stripping power from globalist and fascist organizations. Rational Exchange promotes national sovereignity and national security through Patarchy. Rational Exchange specializes in developing strategies for defeating fascism through patarchy or the social technology of repatriation. Rational Exchange believes there is a conflict waging between two fundamentally incompatable ideologies. Fascism and Patriotism are not compatible. Fascism piggybacks onto nationalism as was the case with the Nazis but ultimately fascism is about the centralization of power on the Global level. Empire is no more compatible with the nation state than is vassalage. Rational Exchange specializes in countering the tactics and ideology of fascism and the methods fascists use to weaken and overcome Patriots and the nation state. Our speciality is in developing techniques to counter the insideous and systematic infiltration of fascism into our democratic institutions.

 Fascists specifically target democracies. Fascist turn groups against each other. Issues that are divisive are introduced driving heretofore consensus groups apart while cementing profascist elements. Rational Exchange believes democracies need to enact specific policies that hyjack fascist strategies. No level of government is to exercise any authority not specifically assigned to it by the level preceding it. Waste and risk are costs created by power disparities. No one willingly accepts the costs of risk and waste being imposed on them. Social costs are the consequence of fascist strategies being imposed on subject populations. Not having an exit strategy may result in having social costs imposed on you by fascist elements. Fascism is a suppressive relationship between political unequals. The created object or system or organization is never greater than the creator. The people ought to have power over his and her institutions and organizations including the state. The people have rights over those levels of government that are created or sustained by them. We are citizens not subjects. If one does not have the right of separation one is under fascism. Fascism is the source of all social costs. Social costs are corrosive to civilization and culture. Social costs are the direct result of power disparities. When the state authorizes the existence of a corporation it is giving it a status equal to that of a human being. This is fascism It is a Crime Against Humanity and by necessity a violation of humanities civil rights.

Fascism puts the created organization of institution above the body politic that created or sustains it. Humans have rights that are above the rights of organizations. We have a right to equality. We have a right to what we create. We have a right to a system of government that alleviates risk rather than exposes us to greater threats. We have a right to specify what powers we vest in our elected representatives and what we expect from them. We have a right to national security.

Rationalists believe human beings have inherent knowledge. This includes an awareness of our rights or civil liberties. The only possible way of denying the possibility of innate knoweldge including an innate knowledge of civil liberties is a conscious decision to reject what is directly perceives; our own existence. This is not logical. Logically we are required to live by the fact of our existence.

Dominionism is belief in the sovereignity of man over nature. All people understand sentience gives them responsibility for their locality. Ownership gives us our sense of belonging. Rights granted to organizations generate social division and moral confusion. The deification of organizations infringes upon our human rights. Legal rights conflict with human rights. Legal rights abrogate the rights of Christians. Ownership is a human right that cannot be rescinded in favour of artificial beings or idols.

Ownership cannot be exercised by organizations. Ownership exists as a human right. Private ownership as legitimized by the state creates liabilities because it associates ownership with  legal rights. Personal ownership is consistent with our human rights. Personal ownership requires a human being to exercise it.

Debt is not consistent with human rights. Debt always creates division and division increases costs. Debt requires the state to exist. Debt is not consistent with human rights for debt is based on the deification of organization. Debt disenfranchises the debtor. This is an infringement of our civil rights. 

Fascism is an adversarial social system based on disparities of power. Fascism precludes the right of separation. Fascism might be justified were we autonomous individuals with no obligations to one another however if we are responsible for one another. Rational Exchange believes in The Golden Rule and human rights. Waste cannot be justified or tolerated. The fact that waste may be sanctioned by majority opinion does not make it rational. Majorities cannot remove rights from a minority and this includes the right to national security. We cannot make a person less secure or we have infringed upon their rights.


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Rationalists believe all people have or possess inherent wisdom or knowledge. This inherent knowledge is quantitative and ethical and gives us our sense of number or value or the understanding of higher and lower, better and worse and good and bad as well as the ability to comprehend debt and waste. Our sense of value is optimized in our ownership of the planet and in the concepts of debits and credits and gain and loss. All human beings know the value of things and when value is increased or lessened and this gives us our economic sense and our understanding of ethical right and wrong. Innate knowledge is the source of our ability to understand social costs and our desire to possess national security.


 Rationalists believe:

  • The purpose of life is expressed in national security

  • Rationality means our actions are logical and produce national security.

  • Rational choices are those that follow the dictates of the Golden Rule and eliminate free  riding.

  • Free riding generates risk or threats to national security.

  • Progress is the methodical elimination of risk

  • Humans are rational organisms to the degree they reduce risk.

  • Humans are rational (act ethically) when their actions eliminate risk. Social costs increase costs and risk. Free riding creates social costs and social costs are not ethical.

  • Irrationality is creating costs others must pay. Choices that are selfish and greed-based create waste this is not logical. Creating risk is unethical for waste destroys the equity and ecololgy on which life depends.

  • All peoples have a right to say No! to costs they did not create. This is a key to fulfilling the parameters of The Golden Rule.

  • The purpose of life is to reduce risk and create national security.

  • The failure to reduce risk and the imposition of risk onto others infringes the rights of others.

  • Adherence to The Golden Rule reduces risk.

  • Risk Reduction Strategies creates specialization and specialization is the foundation of all progress and economic prosperity.

  • Risk Reduction Strategies are the basis of civilization.

  • Civilization is an expression of a peoples commitment to national security.


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