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Rational Exchange is a Think Tank on stewardship.  Our expertise is in the area of responsible government.  as the source of organizational and ethical legitimacy. We believe if a principle or practice cannot be ethically justified by the value it creates for the planet it is not legitimate and must be discontinued. Responsible government is the activity of living as stewards and taking responsibility for the value created in a local political jurisdiction. 



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Rationalists believe all people have or possess inherent wisdom or knowledge. This inherent knowledge is quantitative and ethical and gives us our sense of number or value or the understanding of higher and lower, better and worse and good and bad as well as the ability to comprehend debt and waste. Our sense of value is optimized in our ownership of the planet and in the concepts of debits and credits and gain and loss. All human beings know the value of things and when value is increased or lessened and this gives us our economic sense and our understanding of ethical right and wrong. Innate knowledge is the source of our ability to understand social costs and our desire to come together in a positive way.


Rationalists believe:

  • The purpose of life is expressed through the nation state.

  • Rationality means our actions are logical and do not produce debt.

  • Rationalists are those that follow the dictates of the Golden Rule and eliminate debt.

  • Free riding generates risk or threats to national security.

  • Progress is the methodical elimination of risk

  • Humans are rational organisms to the degree they reduce risk.

  • Humans are rational (act ethically) when their actions eliminate risk. Social costs increase costs and risk. Free riding creates social costs and social costs are not ethical.

  • Irrationality is creating costs others must pay. Choices that are selfish and greed-based create waste this is not logical. Creating risk is unethical for waste destroys the equity and ecololgy on which life depends.

  • All peoples have a right to say No! to costs they did not create. This is a key to fulfilling the parameters of The Golden Rule.

  • The purpose of life is to reduce risk and eliminate debt.

  • The failure to reduce risk and the imposition of risk onto others infringes the rights of others.

  • Adherence to The Golden Rule reduces risk.

  • Risk Reduction Strategies creates specialization and specialization is the foundation of all progress and economic prosperity.

  • Risk Reduction Strategies are the basis of civilization.

  • Civilization is an expression of a peoples commitment to responsible governmentq.


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