• Free Market (or self governing) organizations never go broke and never fail. ... the information is here

  • Free Markets spontaneously organize communities, businesses and social networks. In a Free Market people do what they are good at using what they have and know. Each person is as productive as they are able to be.

  • Free Markets use a local currency (the rollar) so you do not need to deal with debt and banks.

  • Free Markets naturally create local economic development, and eliminate poverty, unemployment and pollution.

  • Free Markets are resilient and sustainable because they are organized scientifically and rationally and morally to be a self governing entity.

  • Free Markets are protected from economic shocks and energy price hikes because Exchanges are self governing. It does not pay Exchanges to produce unemployment or waste resources.

  • Free Markets can be introduced to your community using the 100 Mile Market program.  Start Here


Self governance lets organizations spontaneously organize.  Read more

Congregations: the art of organizing naturally active missions.

Our Vision: What we see happening today, in the past and in the future.

Free Market is a program that creates a naturally active, environmentally friendly organization spontaneously.

Third Earth is a model of mankind living according to Natural Law.

Mystries. Life is full of mystry. Learn what the greatest mystery is.

The spontaneous organization of activity! Read More

The Opening Gambit - The 100 Mile Diet

"The only change that never happens is the change we wait for"


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