About Us:   Rational Exchange Training (RET).

The RET program is a one on one training program on the new banking. It is the fast track method of building up an Exchange and positioning yourself in a favorable leadership position in the New Economic Order. Application to participate in RET is as simple as setting up an online trading account with Rational Exchange and getting your free rollars. Joining Rational Exchange online permits you to exchange goods and services throughout the world. This also helps you to build the global Exchange system risk free. Joining RET makes you eligible for promotion to the highest ranks of Rational Exchange.

 Rational Exchange offers guidance for all those who wish to understand the operation of the New Economic Order and a better way to bank using Exchanges and the equitization of debt. Please feel free to contact us at any time with your questions.

Purchases and sales are tracked on Rational Exchange using rollars as an electronic currency.

As a member of Rational Exchange (hosted by CES) you can buy and sell and exchange goods and services. You can join an Exchange or start an Exchange in your community.

Online trades are free, no fees are charged.

Join Rational Exchange  and learn the better way to bank. 


Instructions for setting up a free account are below. Instructions are also available at the site. A practice facility is also available on site so that you can practice trades and familiarize yourself with the sites options.

  1. Click on link   click here

  2. In Country choose 'Canada'.

  3. For exchange choose 'RAEX'.

  4. Register

  5. You will be given a password, use password to log in, post what you have to offer, access posted goods and services, join a group producing what you need or start one of your own.                           

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us.


About Us:   Rational Exchange Distribution (RED)

Rational Exchange Distribution (RED) is a way to promote Rational Exchange and a better way to bank through the purchase and sale of training and instructional materials. Join RED and become a registered promoter and seller and distributor of Green Money Works materials the sole provider of publications and training materials for Rational Exchange.

As a member of RED people joining Rational Exchange are automatically assigned to you as subscribers of Rational Exchange's training and instructional materials. You receive payment from all subscriptions and purchases made by those in your subscriber base. Only a limited number of distributor positions are available. Distributors become the hubs for the distribution of Green Money publications.

A yearly fee of $25.00 gets you full benefits and a free gift. For a small payment of $25.00 you become an exclusive distributor of publications and leadership training materials.

Publications are purchased in Canadian dollars through Pay Pal at special distributor rates.

Distribution status provides a path for the delivery of the communication, publications and training required for the successful establishment of an Exchange. As a distributor you receive all available products at very low prices often not available through any other venue.

This is a program specifically designed as a method of making money that can be used to develop an Exchange presence. Become a  Distributor today by subscribing through the link below (Paypal link). Positions are limited.






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