Basics contains the central ideas and defines the key concepts of the New Economic Order. You may know what a word means according to popular usage but the concept may mean something different here. For example Rationalism and Materialism are used in a more complex ways than covered by their dictionary definitions. There is a glossary available containing relevant terms.   

Rationalism postulates the existence of two great and contradictory systems of thought. They form two minds that inhabit two different realities. There is little discourse between these two realities for they have no common ground. They may debate their position with one another but the definitions used for the terms employed are so unique they may as well be speaking different languages. Of necessity there is a conflict between these worlds.

Only one of these viewpoints is rational.

The fundamental difference is athiesm and Fundamental Christianity but these have many implications and perspectives. Rationalism as a philosophy is compatible with a fundamentalist Christianity and athiesm is of a Materialist bent.

Tribalism and The Western viewpoint are capatable with athiesm and if adhered to in their true implications these systems are not compatible with a Fundamentalist Christian perspective. For this we need to adopt Civilism.



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