Businesses solve problems.

Faulty business practices create problems but faulty business practices exist because like everyone else business people think in atomized ways. Consequently they cut corners and at times do the wrong thing. Business people need a better way of doing business based on a coherent way of thinking.

Businesses exist to make money.

Businesses solve problems by finding solutions to problems that people are willing to pay for. But the key to an effective solution is to ensure those who benefit pay the costs. But often businesses create products and services that solve a problem only because the full cost of the solution are not borne by those who enjoy the benefits. These 'solutions' create costs society and future generations must bear. This is not fair. Civics ensure all costs created in producing a product or service are paid by the user of the product or service - costs cannot be externalized.

Businesses create solutions

Business is a solution creating tool motivated by the benefits of finding marketable solutions. The problem is that a marketable solution is not identical with a rational one. It simply means it is a solution that people will pay to obtain. Governments try and solve problems and some of the things they do are necessary at the time they do it. But governments can only solve problems by taking assets away from one sector of the economy to use them elsewhere. By taking asset away from productive areas of the economy government solutions often create long term problems. Governments tax and spend because they say the business sector is not solving all of our social problems. This may be true but a business solution that does not recoup all of its costs effectively taxes the rest of society to subsidize the people who purchase their product or service. Civics can provide all the services governments provide at less cost because it does these things without a bureaucracy.

Businesses make profits

Profits are not bad they indicate the business is doing the right thing, producing a good or service people want enough to pay for. Sometimes businesses profit from shady or illegal business activities. This behavior is bad. The money obtained this way is not deserved. Civics ensure that profits earned are justified by the valued created.











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