All choices have costs. The costs you do not pay someone else pays. The choices you do not make are choices made by someone else. Freedom is a choice we make – or not. Freedom has a cost. Life is not static and freedom is not free. You are either choosing your path or others choose it for you. Failing to choose requires no effort or risk. People who take the easy path do not change the world. It takes concrete and productive choices to change the world and these have risks and costs. Those who avoid the true cost of living are those who fail to impact the world. The purpose of Rationalism is to give those who wish to change the world the means to do so.

Pollution, economic devastation, inner city turmoil and over-fishing are all costs that will be passed onto our children. If our children are paying costs created by our generation they will have fewer resources for themselves. We are responsible for costs we create. We are responsible for the loss of freedom felt by future generations. So long as we continue to pile up debts and pass along obligations to future generations this world will never be debt-free. Each generation will pass its chains and its sins down to its children.

The Rules Of Reason:

  • All choices have costs because all choices have structure. The structure of choice is consistent with that of a transaction.

  • A pseudo-choice or false choice is when costs are externalized. If costs are externalized a transaction has not taken place assets have been transferred one way but no flow occurred in the other direction as payment. To externalize costs requires that the recipient does not pay the provider and therefore the cost of the goods or service must be borne by someone other than the recipient of the goods or service.

  • If we do not pay the costs of our choices someone else must.

  • All choices must take the form of a transaction in which the assets gained are paid for by assets transferred to the provider of the assets obtained, otherwise costs are being externalized.

  • Those who externalize costs are by definition Capitalists  (governed by greed rather than objective measures of social benefit).

  • Greed, ultimately, is the only justification for each person not paying their own costs.

  • Behind all belief in which the end that justifies the means, is greed.

  • Greed is justified by the good a person believes they are doing or will do by amassing wealth. Philanthropy retroactively justifies the actions that enabled wealth to be accumulated.



The Cost Of Freedom