Ultimately there is only one holistic approach and this is economic. This is not or is not meant to be a contradiction. Economics encapsulates all our concerns and efforts. Consequently everything we do, all our approaches, are ultimately tied to economics. A measure of our concern is the amount of wealth we commit to alleviating a problem.

Unfortunately using money as a medium between our concern and our response often derails our efforts though money is ostensibly a neutral medium of exchange. For example a doctor provides money for relief in Africa. The money may go towards the purchase of food and medicines or not. Regardless there are many ramifications. Are the purchases made good choices or do they support businesses linked to operatives of the charity? Does this assistance enable the recipient nation to devote more of its resources towards military ends? There is no link between money donated and its end use nor a way to limit its collateral effects.  Our inability to effect real change and to provide lasting solutions is due solely and totally to an ineffective market incapable of properly determining the value of goods, services and natural resources - the use of money as a medium of exchange distorts values because money is ultimately the most valuable commodity the market deals in.

People want money and will often do some very dishonest if not downright violent things to get it. The lust for money effects the values of other commodities. Guns have a value that is not reflective of their true value vis-à-vis food and shelter. Oil is given a value that reflects its value to a few billionaires but bears no relationship to what its true value is to a world that absolutely requires fresh air, food and unpolluted soil. So long as we use a market that uses money solving the worlds problems will be like driving a car with the steering linkage gone. Money creates noise. It distorts the signals of the market. The solution is a market that does not use money and that enables society to establish prices that reflect the true value of our natural resources. This is a market that is linked directly to our Free Will. Choice itself becomes our medium of exchange. When choices is made the arbitrator of values rationality prevails.

Visit the Rational Exchange to understand how any community can opt out of the Capitalist system. Any community regardless of its divestment of capital is free to engage in economic activity. Rationality can, will and must prevail over the Free Market.


Marx and the Concept of Capital

Greed is wrong but is ownership the cause célèbre that Marx made it out to be? Does private ownership lead naturally to corruption greed and the intimidation of those who must sell their labor? The church is one of the biggest land owners in the world. Is it an oppressive landowner or a benign, largely invisible player in the economics of most countries? How does one determine these things?



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