If rationality is not a choice then what does it mean to be rational. If we cannot choose to be rational what does it mean to choose? If we cannot choose to be rational what choice is there? If we cannot choose correctly then all choice is meaningless? Being able to make the right choices is the ultimate meaning of what it means to be rational. But this opens the question of what it means to live in a system that is destroying itself. If we are not free to choose rationally what choices are we allowed to make? Meaning and therefore rationality is not the property of certain individuals. There is not a bureau of reason where a group of individuals get to decide what the type of world we are to live in. A rational activity is rational in an objective or universal sense otherwise it is opinion or worse. Either choice is based upon objective criteria or it does not exist. If what is rational is subjective everything we believe is by definition a rational belief. So rationality is something we can choose and it has to be objective. In other words we need to be able to choose right objectively and if our choice is wrong we need an objective way to determine this.

Rational choice has to create value. Not just for the individual or his or her group but for the planet. If the action benefits only the individual the reason for the choice is particular to the person, which makes the reason subjective. If wrong choices offend reasonable persons then rationality has universality. If nothing anyone says or does offended our rational minds then reason would be subjective. The fact that environmentalism is gaining ground and capitalism is becoming an offense to all rational people suggests environmentalism is the rational choice and there is something morally repugnant about Capitalism.

The Rules Of Reason:

  • Right and wrong are objective or it is not logically possible to choose one in preference to the other, nor would it be proper to condemn another for choosing wrong rather than right.

  • If there is not a right and wrong and a way to choose one from the other ethics is meaningless.

  • If one person chooses right and the other wrongly and there is an objective and measureable difference between the two then the person who chooses rightly will naturally acquire greater power than the person who makes the wrong choices.

  • Rationality is an ethical reward and a just reward for those who choose to do the right thing. 

  • Entrepreneurs are by definition rational.

  • Creativity is the rational reward for doing right.                       


Rationality Is A Choice