Entreprenetics postulates everything is connected. Connections are based on choice. We choose the connections we wish to make on the basis of the assets produced. That is we choose to increase the value of our assets in specific ways determined by the nature of our values. We choose the path and the choice that increases the value of our assets. We choose the choice which has the most value to us compared to all possible choices.

To determine the true value of things we need to pay the costs we create. That is the true value of private property can only be determined if we each pay all costs we create in obtaining and maintaining private property. No one should be obliged to pay costs created by others. Externalized costs are the root cause of the anomie that is pervasive in dissociative societies. The symptoms of societal disassociation are poverty, crime and unethical business practices. The connected person cannot externalize costs and retain their humanity.

Entreprenetics encourages entrepreneurialism by helping to eliminate externalized costs. Entreprenetics protects entrepreneurs from the corrosive effects of sin on private property values. (Sin is a scientific term defined by Entreprenetics as  any action that harms private property values and by extension the value of the world.)

All sin destroys private property values and all sin violates the Rights of Private Property owners assuming that our body and life are assets belonging to us.

The structure of Entreprenets brings together those who pay their own way. Entrepreneurs own their own assets and each entrepreneur is always free to make their own decisions regarding what they will pay for and own.

There is no common ownership, no shared liability, no mutually binding obligations. The Entreprenetic Market and organization is totally open in that anyone can enter and leave at will. The Free Enterprise system or Free Market of Capitalism is not really free in that all those who participate are required to share costs. The recent bailout of wall street is an example of the private costs the public is required to bear. But taxes are another.

Entreprenetics ultimately makes taxation unnecessary. The State is merely a means by which people are hired to perform services. Entreprenetics pays for all services directly.