The mind is composed of the choices we make conscious and unconscious. Without choice mind does not exist. If choices are being made there is a mind directing the process. The capacity to choose is for all intents and purposes is the proof that mind is present. There is no test that can distinguish between the choice and that which is doing the choosing. This is the principle of equivalence of mind and choice. Any entity that is capable of making choices cannot be distinguished from an entity with mind. An entity with mind can be identified only by its ability to make choices.

Mind is not a thing but a capacity. Minds do not create choice they are the choices made. Choices are created from values. Minds by making choices create value and the values created produce choice. Any thing that has value has value because it allows choices to be made. Only minds can produce value.

Where value exists mind exists. If an object has no value it produces no choices. A car has value because of the options it represents. Minds make choices in order to produce more value. As choices increase wealth increases. Wealth is the accumulation of value. To possess wealth is to possess value. Wealth is the array of choices available to an entity with a mind.

Choices that harm or diminish value diminish choices. Without choices mind cease to exist. The destruction of the planet severely limits the choices available to us. This limits our minds. To destroy the basis on which we reason is irrational. Destroying the environment is irrational.


The Rules Of Reason:

  • If there is a choice there is a mind. It is the presence of mind that allows choice.

  • Mind determines value

  • Minds are the seat of rationality in that mind determines which asset has the most value in comparison to other assets

  • Where choice exists mind exists

  • Choice has structure

  • All choices have the form of a transaction

  • The existence of mind can only be established by its ability to make choices

  • A mind is not the capacity to make choices but the choices made

  • Reason creates choice because reason create value through undergoing transactions

  • Transactions create value

  • Irrationality destroys choices. If a transaction is not made value is not created but destroyed. As value is destroyed the options available decrease. Irrationality destroys choice and with it mind.


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