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May 2015

Capitalization is a process whereby angels transform a Social Nework into a new way to do business.

Capitalizing Social Networks allows anyone anywhere to build a business and generate economic development spontaneously and naturally. Capitalization is a process whereby Social Networks are inoculated against Social Costs.

Capitalizing Social Networks eliminates all social costs such as debt, waste, pollution, unemployment and poverty and creates a commercial entity able to provide Social Goods. The power of a Capitalized Network is amazing and cannot be competed against successfully. The stability and resilience of an Exchange is unbelievable for it is far beyond anything this world presently offers. The economics of an Exchange defies everything liberals have taught and the world has come to believe about how business ought to work. All you need to suceed is available on this site and all of it is free. There has never been an opportunity like this. Its the closest thing you can come to a free lunch, limitless rewards without paying a cent. Angels make it happen.

Capitalized Networks is an idea that works because it builds on our ancient way of living and organizing. Exchanges eneable anyone to tap into the greatest and most readily accessible resource on the planet, our universally present Social Networks. We all inhabit a social network. Their power is available to anyone with the knowledge to utilize the wealth they represent. Social Networks are the ancient and most basic way humans organize. Exchanges tap into this infinite resouce in ways not possible using the Liberal Business Platform. Exchanges make setting up a business as easy as asking a friend to help you move or a neighbour to look after your children while you go shopping. If you live in a family or have friends then you use the power of Social Networking already. Exchanges simply turn our Social Networks into a business application using the power of Capitalization.

Having to pay costs not created by you and which do not benefit you is unfair and impoverishing. Exchanges give you and those in your Social Network the power to say no to unfair costs. Rational Exchange works with individuals, small to medium sized businesses and organizations as well as local and national governments. Empowering our Social Networks eliminates the worlds social problems. Exchanges are a business idea that works.

If Quality Circles, Skunk Works and Employee Pricing , PIF plans or the Harris-Todaro Model are not giving you the results you want be an angel and look at what Rational Exchange offers without risk and with guaranteed results. Angels share the greatest economic adventure this world has seen. Join in changing the world. Stop paying Social Costs and help those you know build better businesses. Contact Rational Exchange today. 

The Beef Exchange reduces the cost of beef and provides angels with a way to teach the craft of angels to others.   


  • eliminate debt and demonstrates there is no need for debt.

  • create an equity based currency for internal transactions.

  • promote local ownership of local resources.

  • promote the production and consumption of local sourced goods and services.

  • support the preferential expansion and development of local businesses.

  • build on what people have and know and can do.

  • eliminate social costs such as unemployment, debt and poverty.

  • build the Creative Economy.

  • eliminate the need and cost of advertising and marketing.

  • increase business efficiency and productivity.

  • generate specialization spontaneously. Everyone benefits when everyone does what they do best. 

  • eliminate the need for central banking and debt.

  • provide a debt and interest free supply of credit and money (rollars) controlled by the Exchange to promote democracy and eliminate debt.

  • ensure local businesses make money, absolutely and guaranteed.

  • remove the risk of bankruptcy and business failure.

  • generate local economic development naturally. Exchanges are angel run organizations that spontaneously generate jobs, specialization, economies of scale and prosperity as they eliminate debt.

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Homelessness is as big a problem as the growing debt, unemployment and poverty that the liberals create as they suck the life blood from the economy. Learn how the Radical Conservatives using the worlds most powerful social technology builds planetary equity, reduces debt and homelessness and joblessness as it ends all social costs and parasitism         click here