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Secularists have faith in observation using the physical senses but faith in the material world is never as certain as it may seem. Indeed science is only able to disprove the weakest theory (using a stronger one) and was designed only to stop people from publishing conjecture with little or no rational basis. Science cannot prove we ought to get out of bed in the morning. Every blink of an eye and step of the foot is done on faith. Only one thing is certain and that is we need faith for there is in this world nothing that is certain. Empiricism tells us that nothing is absolutely proved and no matter how often gravity works or the sun rises there is always the possibility it will not happen as it once did. We just have to have faith gravity will exist and that tomorrow will come as will death and taxes.

Secularists see no reason to believe God created this world. They have no faith because they see no need for faith. But they do not see a need for faith because their need is for material goods. God created the world in such a way that life is a test of faith. Our life is peculiar to us for it forces us to decide between faith and and doubt. Reality forces us to betray our hand as it were or as the bible says; our heart. It is said some peple see a glass as half empty and others see it as half full. Life is like that because no matter our experience our interpretation and our response is our own. It does not matter what I do except to me and God. No one may use what I do as an excuse or justification for belief or doubt. Nor may I use my experience of others as a justifier. We all must make up our own mind. 

We may use a particular set of experiences as a justification for doubt but this remains a rationalization for regardless of the event we could have choosen to see it differently. 

Are we full of hope or not. Having faith in God is not just believing He exists. This faith encompasses an entire specctrum of implications. Faith in God is a positive view of the world. In taking that positive first step the presence of God in ones live gives one encouragement because the results confirm what one has faith in. Faith confirms faith. Unless one is willing to believe one will never find reasons to believe for the glass in your life will always be half empty.


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