Shares are what Level 2 Moneyworks use instead of moneyb. Shares are a form of alternative currency. Money is debt, created by banks as debt, produce interest payments and therefore inflation.

Shares are a way to record the value of what is taken or consumed and the value of what was given. Shares track who gives and who gets.

Share values are based on time at a conversion rate of 12 shares to the hour worked. 1 share equals 6 minutes of work.

When units of domestic currency are converted to shares a one to one correspondence is aimed for simply as a matter of convenience. Thus a produce that would be worth one unit in the national or domestic currency would be worth 1 share.

We use ɠ to denote shares. ɠ5.30 equals five shares and 30 deciares or 530 deciares.

Shares are based on a reserve currency denominated in units of the domestic currency at a one to one correspondence. In other words the reserve is always 100% of the issue of shares.

The reserve currency is held as equity. It can be cash in the bank held in a trust fund or held as member debt.

When members join a Moneywork or local chapter of the Exchange they determine their level of exposure that is the amount of money they wish to invest. On the example we use $100.00 is invested. This money is put into a trust account. Bonds are issued to the investors.

Three to five Trustees are voted in to manage the trust and the issuing of Bonds and the conversion of these into shares.

Not all Bonds need to be  converted into shares, this is done at the option of the Bond holder.








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