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conflict resolution in the workplace

Conflict Resolution:  The Workplace

Workplaces are designed to be an effective producer of a particular good or service. The positive feature of a workplace is that because it has such a well-defined purpose the degree to which it acheives its purpose can be measured. Conflicts obviously hinder the smooth running of a workplace but what is worrisom is that conflicts suggest disagreement in how the company can best acheive its objective.

Conflicts in the workplace hamper its smooth functioning but the reality is that conflicts occur because of disagreements as to how it should be ooperated. Conflict un the workplace are generally about how to acheive a more rational way of working.

There are some steps to follow when dealing with conflicts.

Questions to be asked by the antagonists are:

Is there a desire to end or avoid further conflict

or is it part of a wider objective and purpose?

Am I working to acheive a total perspective or

am I focused on getting my own point across?

To help the individual understand his or her position in the conflict have them ask themselves

What am I feeling?

Are my feelings interferring in finding a solution

Am I too emotional?

Would more information change my perspective or response?

Do I need time to calm down and assess my position?

What is it I want to change?

Is my approach working?

Have I clearly stated the problem and my position regarding it.

Am I helping resolve the problem or attacking the person?

Do I understand the other persons position and appreciate their perspective?

Am I worried about what it will make me look like if my idea is not usable or appropriate?

What can I take away from this experience?

What would it take to create a resolution

How can we make the outcome fair?

What possible solutions are there?

Can we work this out together?

Do we need a Third Person to help resolve the issues?

Conflict Resolution:  Collaborative solutions

wants: needs goals and values

name: name the problem

blame: blame someone

claim: claim the other broke a social norm

suppress: avoid the conflict

resolution: make an effort to understand

transform:. use conflict to transform the relaitionship

transcend: move past the conflict











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