Vanguards are a small number of people who help one another produce products and services they and others need using shares as the preferred medium of exchange. Members form a group to produce something they need, for less with the quality they want without using debt-based currency. Pet food, home renovations, auto repairs, gardening, home care and so on are all services that can be produced using shares.

Members contribute goods, services, tools and experience to the group. The group credits the member for her or his contribution. Shares are used to purchase product or services from this or other group.

A Vanguard can be started based on a pre-established goal or purpose or for the more general purpose of maximizing the potential of the members. In the latter case the group looks at the skills and assets available to the group and determines what business or activity would most fully utilize the abilities available.

Vanguards seeks to serve the community by making effective use of the assets available. Members are always paid for what they contribute. Shares are always used as the medium of exchange. Shares are used to purchase whatever goods and services the group member makes available to the members.


motivation is incompatable with exploitation

Motivation exists in an inverse relationship to exploitation

Sharing risk maximizes motivation

M = M/E 1 (E - RʃS)



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