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Ending Debt

This is a four step program for the elimination of debt. The four steps are:

  1. Stop the creation of debt.

  2. Eliminate the need for debt.

  3. Eliminate the source of debt.

  4. Eliminate present debt.


  1. Community Management Professionals consider debt elimination a priority. Community Management Professionals prevent debt from being created by eliminating the need for debt. Community Management Protocols also require preventing money from being made through debt. Lending money at interest is not a viable way for communities to operate. Exchanges eliminate the need for debt by issuing Free Money. Free Money produces no debt and requires no interest payments.

  2. To eliminate the need for debt we need to eliminate the scarcity factor that makes money valuable enough to warrent payment of a premium to acquire it. Debt is created when something is required but insufficient money forces us to request assistence from a bank or perhaps a loan shark.

  3. To elminate the source of debt Exchanges eliminate the use of and need for conventional sources of money. Exchanges are able to provide money when needed because they also provide the means to pay off credit without the need for interest payments. This is because Exchanges eliminate risk that interest payments are meant to offset or compensate for. With no risk interest payments are no longer required.

  4. Only Exchanges make it possible for the debt of the world to be paid off. By adopting a new economic model and Free Money the means are provided for debt to be equitized and thus eliminated. This is part of the teachings given to Community Management Professionals. Enroll today and assume a central position in a strategy for the permanant elimination of debt.






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