The earth is the key asset. Money is a scale used to compare  values, it serves the purpose of an economic measuring stick.

On Third Earth governments prime responsibility is to facilitate progress using business solutions to social problems. This includes ensuring everyone has work. Non-participation in the economy is not an option.

On Third Earth when value is created money is created because on Third Earth money represents or is the measure of the value that exists.

On Second Earth money is a commodity and is bought and sold like any other commodity. Money has value on Second Earth because it represents debt and debt generates interest. All money on Second Earth is owed to a bank. If all debts were repaid Second Earth would be without money. This in itself is a contradiction because a world without debt should be rich but a debt-free Second Earth would be destitute and incapable of economic activity.

On Third Earth local government gives credit to create economic activity and progress; money being created as needed and retired when no longer being used. Governments build and repair infrastructure using the least used or most readily available resources. The state is obliged not to compete directly with the private sector. In this way they create economic activity that would not be created otherwise in areas that might not otherwise be active.

 Local governments must spend money within the community to keep the local economy strong. The money governments use does not ceate debt. 

Local government is responsible for improving the business operations of the community and represents to a large extent the business needs of the community. 



The Role Of Government On Third Earth