The Right to Cooperate may seem a Right without purpose - who is likely to oppose another persons wish or desire to cooperate. But cooperation is more than another persons willingness to help. It is difficult and often unhealthy to cooperate with those who are are looking for people to exploit.

A rational being is not happy knowing there is a right way to live and being required to live wrongly.  It would not be rational were it so. Rationality is the ontogenesis of human development. If we can think and most people would accept that they can then thinking must be or strive to be rational to be meaningful and the creature that can make choices will endeavor at all times to make rational choices otherwise we cannot accept that the choice made was what any rational person would consider a choice made on a rational consideration of the alternatives.

So reason guides us into choices that others understand and see as being rational or reason based.  The Right to Cooperate means we have the right to act in a predictable and desireable way and that this 'rationality' is the first and primary consideration in determining how we choose to act.

A rational human being seeks to create value for it would be irrational to desire that which is not valued. The truly rational human being is a useful human being in that wht she does has value and valaue can be ascertained using economic indices such as credits and debits.

There is an unconscious recognition that we are obligated to act rationally. Even the worst criminals seek to justify their unjustifiable actions. This need to act rationally regardless of law or legal obligation is seen clearly in cases where the agent is able to act or not act as it wills with little restraint. By this we mean governments which are under no compulsion to act in any way not defined by law and yet who go out of their way to exhibit rational behaviour.

Which government allows its citizens to starve or live without shelter or die of disease without some attempt to administer care. Which government abandons people lost or otherwise in distress? The State accepts that its citizens have a claim on the wealth of the State and not just citizens but effectively everyone within its borders, even  though the extent that this Right is applied varies from State to State and according to the legal disposition of the person in distress. Everything the State does recognizes people have a Right to Reason; that is to expect rational behavior from others, everything the State does requires it to use the nations wealth in ways that benefit individuals. This requires rational thought regardless of what laws have been enacted.

People are infintely valuable. Not that anyone is actually worth that much but most of us subscribe to this position because we wish to be treated as something worth preserving. Rationality leads all rational beings to act as if human life had immense value. Governments do not respond to calls for help as if responding to a legal requirement. Indeed, help is given as if it is a God given Right of all men and woman to expect help and that no agency or law exists that has sufficient authority to override the obligation to assit and be assisted. Governments help others even when its citizens may prefer they did not. Often it is a point of pride to point out the extent of the help given though it may not be a popular decision.

What makes the Right to Cooperate does not give those who need help a legal claim on those who are in a position to help. The Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness does not mean that an individual is entitled to take happiness or life or liberty from someone else. Someone lost in the bush is not legally entitled to force others to help despite having a right to expect help will be forthcoming.

The Right to Cooperate means that no one has the right to restrict cooperation and this includes creating the conditions by which he or she can coerce cooperation from others.

There are two forms of Rights. Legal or Statutory Rights are those Rights bestowed upon a people by an act of parliament. We are given a right to a degree of financial support by those governments which can afford it. There are also Natural Rights or as some call them, Human Rights which belong to all persons regardless of the specifics of their nationality, race or economic situation simply because they were born and survived.

To forcibly remove wealth from one person to give to another contravenes the Right to Cooperate. We all have a Right to expect help, even those who do not wish to extend help to others however help is not compulsory in the sense that governments and mobs and those with violent dispositions cannot legally or morally force those who do not wish to help, to help. It is a contradiction and a complication no one should wish to create.

The 30 Articles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights collectively presume rationality is a desireable aim. Without the presumption of rationality declarations about any other Right(s) would be presumptuous. How can there be a Right to Life if no one has a Right to expect others to act in a reasonable manner?

Creating a list of 30 Rights may be laudable but it serves to put peoples focus on crimes of commission rather than omission. The Right to Life may serve as a barrier to random acts of violence but it does not prevent crimes of omission. More people die from benign neglect than from physical abuse.

Even to declare that we all have a Right to the necessities of life or to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness does not make us beholden to ensure a particular individual is happy or able to pursue happiness in any meaningful way.

The Right to Cooperate does not make uncooperativeness illegal but it does give those who wish to cooperate justification for requesting barriers to cooperation be removed.


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