Third Earth is a model of a Progressive Market to help us better understand how a real Free Market would work.

Third Earth does not accept that money must be limited or scarce or difficult to obtain. Money should never stand between us and our needs. Not that this means that we get everything we want but if we do not get what we need it is not because we do not have money it is because collectively the ability to produce the item or service does not exist. So there are shortages on Third Earth but there is no shortage of money.

Money, on Third Earth, is created each time something is produced because money is just a representation of value as a balance or record of the value transferred. A buyer does not first get money and then get goods, on Third Earth buyers get what he or she needs and then the money is created to pay the seller.

If there is something that a person needs and it is available there is always the money to purchase it on Third Earth. Money is never the problem on Third Earth. Thus conflicts over scarcity do not occur on Third Earth.

revised October 14, 2013




Why Does Third Earth Have Unlimited Money