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The Devolution Paradigm

Equity Exchanges devolve power onto the lowest local level because it is at the local level that choices are best made.

Rationalists believe economics is the way choices are expressed and money is the means by which we register our choices. Devolution puts power into the hands of those who express the communities will through the local economy and this lessens the cost of management yet also increases responsiveness and effectiveness of that management. What has been missing in all other systems is a way to translate will into a quantifiable response. Equity Exchanges equitize risk and this can be given and is given a monetary value.

Rationalists believe that risk is centered on the local conditions so that equitizing risk at the local level gives a more correct determination of the value of what is proposed than a more centralized approach.

Rationalists endeavor to put local control of local assets into the hands of local Exchanges because at this level the costs can be better ascertained.






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