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  • Ready to retire? Dominionists do not retire they merely reappraise the way they live out the principles of Dominion. Join The Dominion Party. Contact us soon.

  • Want to start a business? Starting a conventional business creates social costs. Why not join The Dominion Party and start a business that is consistent with the ideals of Dominion? Exchanges eliminate social costs as they fulfill the requirements of mankinds role of earth stewards.  Exchanges provide social goods without social costs. The opportunities are endless. Contact Rational Exchange

  • Start a Seed Exchange  Seed Exchanges reduce the price of food and increase biodiversity and food security by eliminating social costs. Its easy to set up and the franchise and information is free. Seed Exchanges promote the ideals of Dominion in the way local food is marketed.

  • Dominion Associations are people who work together to systematically eliminate debt and other social costs. Exchanges turn debt into debits and negative wealth into Positive Equity to create a currency that eliminates debt and the need for debt. Exchanges are owned and operated by its members for the benefit of the association. Exchanges provide a market for member produced goods and services using a currency owned and issued by the association for the benefit of the association. An Exchange represents the place members are responsible for, the ecology on which they depend. Exchanges reduce costs for members and thus the impact their life has on the planet. You can turn any business into an Exchange that eliminates social costs and lowers costs for members of the association - save money and make money. The opportunities are endless. Join The Dominion Party today!  Learn more here

  • Times of distress are times of opportunity. Social Costs create higher prices and marginalize people. Social Costs are a direct consequence of liberalisms rejection of Dominion. Rational Exchange promotes Dominion and is a lobbyist for The Dominion Party serving as a Think Tank On Freedom and Love specializing in assauging the fear of freedom that underwrites liberalism and their rejection of the political right of Dominion. Dominionists lower costs because lower costs are consistent with responsible usem Exchanges reduce administrative overhead and eliminate social costs because association members have the right to say No! to costs they did not create. Poverty and unemployment and rising debt are symptoms of a fear of freedom a fear that leads to the abdication of responsibility not just for earth but for costs liberals create. Fear is controlled by liberals by controlling the thing feared. Get the book that started it all. Download your copy of Under New Management: The Dominion Party of earth. 

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The purpose of mankind is to take responsibility or choose to pay costs created.

Social costs are not rational because they are the results of irresponsibility.

Irresponsibility creates costs known as social costs.

Humans are the rational organism to the degree they choose (to accept responsibility)

Human beings are the only creature that can be and is responsible for the costs he or she creates we are the only creature that can choose to pay or not pay costs we create.

Human beings are the organism responsible for his or her own costs.

Humans express values in politics, in groups, in community. Expressed values create social structures. Postive values create positive structures this makes them rational and ethical. Values are the costs we are willing to pay.

Organizations that pay their costs are ethical organizations for they express the concept of Dominion ie responsibility for costs one creates (the values one is willing to pay for).

The organizational structure with the lowest costs is Rational Exchange because Rational Exchange is an association formed by people who are free to say No! to costs they did not create. Rational Exchange is Dominionism expressed in organizational form.


(the fear of freedom)



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