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Anarchist Morality

Rational Anarchists posits there are but two ways to go in this world, two choices that can be made. In any specific context there is one right choice and all the rest are wrong ones. It does not matter which wrong choice one makes in the sense that a wrong choice is always a wrong choice. There is only one right choice and we have to define this in context it cannot be predefined. Now we all know situations change and no situation is quite the same as any other situation, even whenthe subjects are the same the time and context differs, if the context is the same and the time the same then the people involved have changed. No two situations are the same so there is no set right answer. What might be right in one era or time and for one person or place is not right in other times and places and for other people. What this means is that ethical rules are not reliable and laws cannot be rigerously followed without them creating their own injustice. What you figure out that works for you will not always work and will rarely work for other people and in other contexts. So the idea of ethics as a code of conduct is morally suspect. If ethics does not sit on a firm moral foundation then it is also true to say that our entire legal system is morally invalidated.

Anarchism does not predefine right from wrong but looks at the result. If a system produces poor results then the system is founded on lies.

How can a community prosper if it does not make the right choices? How can the right choice be made if based on lies? Will not waste be the outcome? We must be free to make our own choices and we must be able to pay the costs of what we choose. The only moral rule we can follow is The Golden Rule for it requires us to think of what our actions will cost. We cannot come to the table with ready prepared solutions. In short at each step we pay our way because to externalize costs onto society and future generations is to perpetuate the evils of the past.



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