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Ethics is the study of right living. Ethics is applied morals or the body of precepts one follows to live right. Morality is the study of the distinction between right and wrong. One is moral when one understands right from wrong. One is ethical when one follows ones precepts fully. Ethical to some degree pertains to the moral law whereas morality may or may not refer to law but only to an understanding of right and wrong. One assumes that in knowing right and wrong one establishes rules to live by.  The question is can the moral law be codified? At each step in our life we are confronted with the inescapable fact we must choose the moral way or not. We can live within the law or outside the law. But if we choose to live outside the law because we believe the law is wrong what moral code do we live by?

We have a choice. We always have a choice. But there are only two options we can choose from. All choices reflect this underlying reality. Every actual choice moves puts us on one of two paths, these paths are not reconcilable, they are polar opposites. We can be guided by our sense of right and wrong or we can follow the law.

We can be moralists and rationalists and seek our own way guided by an absolute sense of right and wrong or we can follow some rule or precept or principle. Ethical codes always pertain to works and to behaviour, ethics tells us how to live, how to act, how to respond in a given situation.

Ethics preclude moral dilemmas for they eliminate the need for moral choices to be made. So the choice between morality and ethics is the choice between moral choice and amorality for ethics replaces the conscience with the law.



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