Entrepreneurialism is capitalism scientifically modified to become or fulfill the function of social engineering.

Capitalists are restrained in the change they can engineer by the limitations of their thinking. Capitalists think, plan and build intelligently but not rationally - so we see the trends develop and flow along usually along the same old paths but nothing radical happens.

Capitalism is safe business, predictable business. Capitalism is opening a franchise in a mall.

Capitalism is restricted in the changes it can engineer because Capitalists are restricted in the way they think. Free enterprise using debt based money and focused on turning a profit puts minds in a box from which it is very difficult to escape. 

Intellectualism created money. Money by its very nature is a liability. Liabilities are the result of constricted thinking. Capitalism is restricted in what it can do and the solutions it can implement by the liabilities it creates.

Entrepreneurialism is about the production of real things and the elimination of liabilities including liabilities represented by the money supply. Entrepreneurial activity is rational and free of liabilities. Rationality always creates things with value. This makes rationality green. Environmentalists argue for rationality and the freedom to choose and criticizing intellectuality and the creation of liabilities but are not conscious of this. They see environmentalism as a matter of eliminating any activity or process that appears to have a negative impact on the environment. they also promote activities that seem to lessen the impact of technology on the environment but this is ultimately restrictive and change must be engineered in a positive way.

We need to create choices and to do this we need to reduce the resistance to change that is so much a part of modern society. Entrepreneurs reduce resistance by altering the way they think. If we look at time as a stream flowing past us then we become victims of a implacable reality. But this vision of time is as silly as it is inaccurate. Time cannot be seperate from the reality of which it is part. Time is simply the resistence of events or entropy. Once we adopt this view of time then our role of entrepreneurs is simplified in that what we do is to reduce resistence to change and therefore the flow of time.

Entrepreneurial engineered change reduces the time required to accomplish useful tasks.




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