The key to sustainability is the ability to create jobs - without the ability to create jobs without creating debt the ball will always be in the 'other guys' court. There are two players in the world, those who create and depend on the creation of debt and those who attempt to eliminate liabilities. There are no other options. The other guys use debt-based currency. So do we. So where is the difference. Unfortunately unless we begin to use positive money (money based on the creation of assets minus liabilities) there is none. In short the greens need to create jobs without creating debt and until we do we will remain a marketing tool of mainline business. So, to conclude, if you wish to stop being used by the other guys to promote their agenda learn how to capitalize businesses using positive money.

Everything has a use and therefore choice. Energy is a measure of usefulness. All living things have choice. To exercise choice we need to be useful. The measure of use is our impact on the planet. That answers your question. To go further if we are useful we create value or capital and we create jobs. But the money the world uses is debt-based. (This is why there are bubbles and burst bubbles, poverty etc.)Liabilities are not useful they reduce choices in the long run therefore the planet needs to use positive money (money based on assets without liabilities).




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