Assets create choices because choices always involve the disposition or allocation of assets. Choices that create assets are always green choices and are carbon neutral that is they consume what is produced and produce only what can be consumed so there is balance or what might be called dynamic homostatsis as the push towards carbon neutrality causes organizations to strive towards greater operational efficiencies. Green choices are consistent with rationalism. Rational choices increases the value or capitalization of the planet.

This is a way of saying that rational choices create more value than they destroy so the total value of earth or the wealth that is the planet is increased.

If we choose rationally we increase the capital value of the world. We also fulfill our role as stewards of the earth. Usefulness is a measure of how well we obey God and are doing His Will. The scientific or objective correlate of doing the right thing is the value of earth.

The capital value of the planet is determined by its Net Planetary Value Per Capita (NPVPC).

If a person sets up a business and it is not useful it will go broke. If its usefulness is directed towards the wrong things and the wrong people then the activity will harm the planet. There is no other choice but to help or harm the earth. Neutrality is not an option. We are either contributing to the planets value or we are creating liabilities that ultimately will contribute to a collective loss of value.

 Science is people in frock coats doing a job that consists in justifying the money they get from foundations formed by corporations to legitimize their actions.