Rationalism believes there are only two ways to go in this world, only two choices we can make. These two paths are inextricably linked to right and doing what is wrong. Us Entrepreneurs postulates there are no third options, no Middle Way (new site). In logic this is known as the law of the excluded middle. We either work to make the earth a better place or we are contributing to our own extinction. This is bad enough but it does not end there. We are created to be useful. To work only towards our own ends without consideration for the 'bigger picture'ultimately means we lose our humanity.

 The value of the planet measures how well we as a species are helping or harming the world. Our personal contribution to the general account, if it is positive means that we are doing good and if negative means our actions are harming the planet.

Businesses cannot have a Balance Sheet that is neither in the red or the black. Business activity is never neutral. Everything done within a Company either contributes to the bottom line or it takes from the bottom line. That is it either makes a profit for the business or reduces its Capital. Our lives are businesses in that in our living we need to make a profit for the world. What we do is never without consequence or impact. Our actions in the great ledger of life either contributing to the welfare of the world or extracting from it.

It is obvious that if we are living in a positive way we are living green. It also means that we are living consistent with our purpose and identity.

It is vital we accept there is a right and wrong in this world and it is determined by whether we are contributing to the planets value or not. But we also need to realize that to live badly is to live in conflict with a rational standard of behavior. To do x when we know x is harmful to our existence is surely to act irrationally.

If doing right creates wealth for the world and doing wrong creates costs that reduce the capital of the planet the creation of liabilities is not a rational act. If as humans we are meant to contribute to the worlds value then to act irrationally is to act contrary to our human identity.

A person who wastes overtly is a criminal. A person who is contributing much to the world is by definition an entrepreneur. Ultimately it is in business that wealth is created. In this system of things there is a need for people who creates value because without this work the system  self-destructs.

The better mousetrap is one that is made where the mouse is. A company may make money by making a wonderful mousetrap in a specially contracted factory and shipping it across the world in dedicated ships and transports but if it could be done with less cost then the method used was wasteful and this is where entrepreneurs are obliged to step in and streamline the process. This fact is not changed by the mousetrap company being a monoply and using its position to block other companies from entering the market.

The point is that using more than required to get the job done is wasteful and since waste uses resources that did not have to be used waste is by definition not green. Since harming the planet is irrational and means someone is thinking irrationally harm to the planet cannot be rationally justified. If we define moral behavior as behavior which is consistent with a moral code then irrational behavior and behavior that harms the value of the planet must be deemed immoral.

 Rational Exchange postulates the principle that which increases global risk is unethical.



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Waste And Liabilities

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