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Rational Exchange Credit Unions

Credit Unions are owned by depositors that is account holders. Each member has one Common or voting share.

A Rational Exchange can be considered a set of accounts. These accounts enable clients to trade with one another without resorting to barter or using a debt based currencies.

Credit Unions are able to extend credit as needed because they are designed around the needs of the members. If the members think the project or investment is personally valid then assets are allocated to its realization.

Rational Exchange works much as a GoFundIt campaign.

The assets of the Exchange are owned by its members. Clients of the Exchange own the Exchange. Assets can be purchased by the Exchange from the Account Holders using account transfers. A currency is created that is used by the Exchange to pay for goods and services purchased from the Account Holders. This currency is also used by the Account Holders to buy and sell through the Exchange. Thus the Exchange serves as a clearing house for member transactions.

Assets owned by the Exchange back the equity that is issued as a currency. If the Exchange possesses $3000.00 worth of assets it can issue 3000 Preferred Shares. These shares are issued in denominations and are used as currency thus the currency of the Exchange is backed by the assets owned by the Exchange.




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