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Ending Unemployment

If there is a central error regarding unemployment that prevents its eradication. As an intelligent species we desire to choose right from wrong but the the only way we can think about unemployment often makes it the lesser of two evils. Unemployment is created it is a choice made by otherwise intelligent human beings trying to do the right thing. Ultimately compromises are made morally and as much as the person may not wish to negativity is accepted as a necessity. This is unemployment.

We are a species with free will and having free will it seems natural that we would wish to be free to choose. Liberals equate this kind of freedom with the possession of political or administrative power and the possession of money. However freedom is not the same thing as having political or economic power nor can we equate it with a simple expression of freedom of choice.

Free Will does not mean we have or ought to have the power to cause events. Liberals are of the opinion that free will is the power to control what events emerge and the freedom to do as we will with what we have. This is reflected in their view of what the free market is or ought to be. Most people in time learn this grandoise idea about freedom is not true. Many of us are however embedded in liberal ideology and the liberal vision of freedom. It is easy to become fixated on the desire of the body as manifestations of freedom. It is easy to think authority over men and wealth to buy whatever the body desires means freedom. Satan promised Eve this kind of freedom. She had only to grasp the power of free will in its negative sense, the power not to have to do anything one does not wish to do and indeed the power to prevent things happening that one does wish to happen and she and her kind would be free. We have been eating of this fruit ever since. It is the fallacy that has plagued humanity throughout history.

No one is more imprisoned than the one who is driven by bodily lusts. No one is more enslaved that he who is addicted to some endless lust for more physical pleasure. He who seeks wealth and power or the satiation of bodily impulses is imprisoned more than he who is in jail but free of his ego drives.

To have choices one has to have assets. Choices are about the disposition of things. How we choose what to do with what we have determines our morality. Liberals believe the possession of things gives him or her more choices because in their ideology one gets to do what one wants with what one has and so liberals tend to have an acquisitive nature. The association of material goods with freedom creates an addiction in which ones actions are predicated on ones avarice.

All choices involve the disposition of assets but this is not freedom it is responsibility and ideally the choices one makes have the form of an economic rational exchange, one gives up what one values less for what one values more in a way that satisfies both parties to the transaction. This is the basic structure of a moral act.

Amassing assets does not represent wealth it is rational exchanges that is wealth is in economic activity not ownership.

All wealth generation comes through increased specialization, the more specialized the steps by which the job is done the more efficient the operation. Anything that hinders the adoption of specialization hinders productivity and by implication our ability to make choices based on increased productivity that is the disposition of assets and this is as good a description of irrationality as one is likely to find.

There is only one reason why anyone would hinder productivity and that is because to do what is productive is to lose control of some asset. Greed is a form of addiction.

The profit motive represents the liberal idea of freedom. The profit motive promises that money represents choices so one only has to earn enough money and ones lusts can be satiated.

But we who wish to be truly free must see that accumulating things is not the way to freedom. Indeed what we own also owns us, we become enslaved to our possessions.

Which brings us back to unemployment.

To unemploy people to protect what one has is morally, rationally and economically wrong - except in the liberal conception of things. Putting people out of work so one can maintain ownership of an asset is repungnant. It is the liberal negative world view that makes it appear if not good better than other options. Where liberals go wrong is in thinking they own the asset and can lose it. We do not own assets we care for the earth or ought to. The liberal conception of private property is a denial of reality.

Transactions that have the form of a rational exchange increases equity this gives society an economic metric, a way to measure progress by measuring the amount of wealth the economy generates.  Increasing equity reduces Social Costs such as unemployment, poverty, pollution, crime, debt and waste. Social costs such as unemployment are created as a direct result of embracing the Socialist Ideology of liberalism. 

Greed is a self-induced addiction generated by equating money with freedom. Liberals willingly enslave themselves to greed and commit themselve to doing whatever they must to satisfy their avarice.

Choice is in the equity we create, from the transactions we engage in. Gold hoarded does not create any more choices than would be had if one had no gold id the gold is not put to some use. This does not require ownership it merely means it is available to the economy.

We must apply what we are and have to positivity that is towards caring for the planet. Unemployment does not increase the equity of earth. It may protect individual assets but this fails to see the big picture. Ultimately the liberal conception of reality is negative for it rejects responsibility in favour of self-interest and this is irrational and an ideology only maintained because it adamently rejects a more positive approach.



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